Turkey Shortage

Well, it’s really no secret now that the Bird Flu has swept through parts of the United States, and left somewhat of a large path of destruction. I’m not just talking about the birds.

Thanks to the Bird Flu. Prices on everything have sky rocketed. From eggs, to products that use eggs such as certain type of salad dressings, we are seeing the prices go up majorly. This is because there isn’t as much of that product around as there was before. Fortunately, we haven’t seen any shortages in eggs or other products…yet.

According to GrubStreet when Thanksgiving rolls around we very well may see a shortage in turkeys. This is because the Bird flu has swept out many of them, and might just continue to do so. This is devastating news for many across the country that celebrate that holiday. After all, it really isn’t going to feel like Thanksgiving without that staple of Turkey glistening on the table. Of course, there are other options when it comes to prepping for that special day. It doesn’t have to be a total loss if there’s no turkey.

So what are you to do? It might not be a bad idea to start taking precautions now says CCMP Capital. If you’re lucky enough to find a nice size turkey, you could attempt to freeze it. Otherwise, other options might have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps tofurkey? Or switching to another holiday meal like ham or lamb.

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