The All-Round Man Cassio Audi

Viper, a Brazilian heavy metal music group, was formed in 1985. Over the years, the group has remained active though with different band members. However, the members who started the group are still remembered for the record they set in the industry, Cassio Audi being one of them. He was the drummer of the group and with him as part of the team, Viper was able to move from doing small gigs to releasing its first album.

Cassio influence on Viper
Cassio Audi contributed a lot to the growth of Viper band when it started out. He has a great energy that he puts in whatever he does. That is the same energy he contributed to the band. The year the band was formed they made two demos, Projeto SP Metal and The Killera Sword, that made them gain popularity as among the leading bands in the heavy metal category. In 1987, they started working on Soldiers of Sunrise, an album that was released in 1992 by Massacre Records in and re-released by Paradoxx Music in 1997.

Cassio finance career
Cassio Audi is a multi-talented person as for over twenty years he has been working in the financial and investment industry. Mr. Audi is one of investment professionals who understand the investment market in Brazil. He comes highly recommended by his clients.

At GVMI, Cassio Audi worked as the Managing Director for three years. Before then, he was the CEO of Rossi Commercial Properties and the Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. Cassio was also at Procter & Gamble as the Finance Director, the Senior Financial Analyst at Dow Chemical and a Trader at JP Morgan Chase.

Cassio Audi has an MBA in Finance from the Sao Paulo University and Bachelor of Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University. Mr. Audi has extensive skills in financial planning, management of equities, strategic forecasting among other attractive management skills that make him a very sought after profession.

Check out Cassio Audi with Viper on YouTube.

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