Sharks Are Not In Demand For Food As Much Now

There is some great news out there for shark lovers, as it has been discovered that Asian residents are not as into eating shark fins anymore like they used to. These oceanic beasts are older than humans by about 450 million years and so they will also be happy to know that one of their biggest predators, humans, will not longer be as much of a threat as they were even a decade ago.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, there are about 1,200 different kinds of sharks in our oceans but a few breeds of them are in danger of being extinct due to over fishing. As sharks cannot reproduce as fast as people do and often times many of their pups don’t survive past their very young stages. So in essence, many of these animals are being killed off before they are even mature enough to procreate.

Sharks a very important part of our ecosystem and we need to be aware of how critical they are to our planet. Back many years ago when the movie Jaws came out, there was a mass killing of sharks because people were afraid of them. And in Asia, people were hunting sharks just for their fins and were thrown back into the water to perish.

Sultan Alhokair said that this is great news for our planet that people are not wanting to buy shark products anymore, because this will discourage the fishers out there who try to kill as many as possible.

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