OSI: Global Vision and Success

     The OSI Group has made news with their purchase of the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. The purchase is in keeping with a larger trend of growth, innovation and global success. They are custom food processors headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, who specialize in meats, vegetables and fruits among other things. With an operation spanning seventeen countries and over 65 facilities at last check, they are certainly poised to continue their strong growth pattern.

The Tyson plant is located on Ashland Avenue and encompasses 200,000 square feet. The acquisition complements their other Chicago locations. Another recent addition is Flagship Europe bought from Flagship Food Group based in the United States. Flagship Europe supplies food products throughout the U.K., specializing in the food to go segment.

Strong research and development capabilities make OSI Group attractive to leading food service providers and retail brands. This includes working with talented chefs and product developers which often leads to prosperous and lasting partnerships.

OSI Group has received multiple awards for environmental awareness. OSI Food Solutions UK, received the notable Globe of Honour award in 2016. They also received this acclaimed award in 2013 and 2015. Elevating environmental concerns to the same level as health and safety, the company demonstrates a model for other businesses to aspire to.

OSI Group has extensive supply chain management skills allowing them to operate on multiple continents. With decades of experience, their raw materials sourcing is a major component of this success. Efficient management ensures that quality is not compromised at any step of the operation. With an economy of scale many companies can only dream of, OSI Group has developed relationships with top level suppliers.

Their global brand just seems to keep growing and has landed them on the Forbes list of the largest private American companies. It’s easy to see why with all that they have going for them.

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