Giving Meaning to Our Lives Through the Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah has been passed down for generations and it provides people a way to find a deeper connection with the world and the entire universe around them. These are spiritual experiences focusing on things that help us find greater meaning and purpose in our lives. Kabbalah puts emphasis on the spiritual side of the afterlife and teaches the earthly materials are unimportant, and Kabbalist believers are interested in being the best versions of themselves that they can be. Contributing everything you can to society is emphasized, and it’s important to ensure that you are helping other people before thinking of yourself. There is no abstinence involved in Kabbalah like there are with many other religions. There is no specific dress code, but the idea is to look respectable and presentable to others around you. Your clothes are the image of who you are so you want to put your best image forward as well.

The Kabbalah Center was founded by Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and has reached out to more than 40 cities across the US since and also has a vast online presence as well. The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit organization that includes a multi-ethnic staff who all emphasize the importance of guiding our global student population as a whole. The center is involved in humanitarian aid that helps other people and helps stand for gender, racial, and sexual equality. These projects have included helping everyone from victims of Hurricane Katrine in 2004 to the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 and back again.

The Kabbalah Center can mean various things to various people but was created and continues to exist with the idea of making the world a better place for everyone to live. The idea to help the less fortunate and needy is seeded deeply in their philosophy and they strive to live a life that puts others before themselves. Worldly possessions mean nothing, and the afterlife is strongly emphasized throughout their philosophy of thinking. Everyone can improve their lives by helping reach out to others and everyone can find someone else to help that is less fortunate and needier than they are and the Kabbalah Center strives to connect people to help them make humanity a better species.

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