Dr. AviWeisfogel Is The Owner Of Dental Sleep Masters

AviWeisfogel owns Dental Sleep Masters that is based in New Jersey. He has extensive experience in sleep disorders as well as its treatment. It was in 1999 that he had established dental practice under the name of Old Bridge Dental Care. He managed it over 15 years and earned accolades from the community at this time which included designation as the Best Dentist. During the same time, he started exploring the world of sleep. He looked at ways in which dentists, as well as physicians, can help those patients who are suffering from sleep disorders. AviWeisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. This is a company working with physicians globally by advising them on establishing as well as managing of sleep labs.

He founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012. He was giving lectures to dentists on serving sleep patients. Dental Sleep Masters was established in 2014 to help dentists further by telling them about using oral appliances in order to treat sleep disorders.

AviWeisfogel has a BA in biology as well as psychology from the Rutgers University. He has also earned a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry.

He makes use of his in-depth knowledge of sleep apnea in order to help dentists in identifying their potential patients as well as in helping patients to secure the treatment which they need.

This idea for Dental Sleep Masters came to AviWeisfogel during the first 15 years of his career as a dentist. He was fascinated with sleep medicine and hence combined his passions along with marketing. This created a niche that did not exist till then.

He starts his day by praying and then talking with his life coach. This mentally prepares him to start the day. He schedules everything, and this allows him to take care of everything during the day in the following: https://www.iaosleep.org/how-to-pick-a-partner/ click here.

He takes notes of all new ideas on his phone or on paper. This allows him to visualize and analyze it and bring these ideas to life.

AviWeisfogel is highly excited about the fact that his work allows him to interact with people from all across the world with each one of them having their own strengths. They all come together in order to make things happen that would not have been possible otherwise.

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