Coffee, It Does the Liver Good

The best part of waking up is any brand or flavor of coffee in your cup. For many of us, the only reason we roll out of bed in the morning is because our automated coffee maker has filled the house with the wonderful aroma of coffee says Handy. We grab our robe, skip the slippers and grab a cup stated Tech Crunch. Sometimes there is even an audible MMMMM.

A new study has produced data that will give you yet another reason to drink up. The World Cancer Research Fund published a report that states that drinking coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer. They looked at over 30 independent studies from around the world and found that the likelihood of liver cancer can be reduced by as much at 14%.
Researchers note that they do not know why the coffee seems to have this impact on the liver. They do not know if it is the caffeine or the way coffee helps the body rid itself of toxins. Some of the data also seems to report that men benefit more from coffee drinking than women do.
We often wake in the morning to news stories telling us we must stop eating and drinking some of our favorite guilty pleasures. Researchers don’t have all the answers, but it’s great news when we learn the research tells us to have another cup–guilt free! So tomorrow morning, don’t choose the small cup.

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