Wengie’s Life Hacks for the Holiday Season

Aussie YouTube Vlogger Wengie dishes out on her favorite holiday hacks in her holiday season video: “DIY and Life HACKS for the Holidays 20 AMAZING Ones That you NEED TO KNOW!“. She discusses holiday season hacks that range from snow jars, holiday rubbish bins, instant snow, control your skin for holiday photos, Santa cups, marshmellow snowman, LED jar decorations, candy gift wrapping ideas, cone Christmas tree, and much more!


For a snow jar, Wengie says all you need is a fake tree, a jar, and some fake snow. She advises to glue a fake tree to the lid. Then all you have to do is put some fake snow into the jar and screw the lid on. Then the snow will settle around the tree. It will look something like a snow globe.


To hide wrapping paper scraps and other mess, Wengie says you should create a nice large bag to hide everything into. You could probably just get a large size gift bag to put everything into. IF you don’t have one, just get a large size bag and cover it with a nice seasonal wrapping paper. That way it will still look festive even if it contains garbage from unwrapping presents.


To make fake snow, just cut up a nappy. Inside a nappy is an ingredient that absorbs water. If you add water to it, it will enlarge.


To have great skin in all of your holiday pictures, Wengie recommends the Clinique Beyond perfecting concealer foundation. This product is matte, has great coverage, and blends so perfectly with the skin.


Wengie’s Santa cups consist of just a red cup with a black ribbon wrapped around it like a belt. Then glue a gold button onto the ribbon to make it look like a Santa belt.


Make fun snowman marshmellows for your hot cocoas, by attaching marshmellows with crafts sticks. Then you can set this into your cocoa.


To make an LED light jar, just put a shape onto the side of a jar. Then spray the jar with a frosted glass spray. Then take the shape off. Tie some fun ribbons or bells to the top of the jar. Last of all place an LED light inside of the jar.


To wrap some small sized gifts, use a used toilet paper roll. Squish it in half then fold over the edges. Put candy or other small sized gifts into the squished roll. Last of all wrap it up with some fun wrapping paper.


For a decorative tree you need some paper, twine, hot glue, and stars. Make a form with a paper in a cone shape. Wrap twine around the cone shape, then hot glue it. Let it set overnight. After it sets and you pull it away from the cone paper mold, you can decorate it with stars.


For an easy cup warmer just rework an old Christmas sock to the shape of a cup warmer. Super easy and super fun! Most people usually have a few Christmas socks they wouldn’t mind sacrificing into cozy cup warmers.


Check out Wengie’s Holiday hacks video for more fun holiday or Christmas hacks!


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Wengie Hair Hacks

Wengie is an Australian Youtuber with more than 4 million subscribers and millions and millions of views, likes and comments. Originally born in China she now resides in Australia as one of the top bloggers and vloggers in the world. One of her most popular videos is her hair hacks video. In this video Wengie shows 10 hacks for having better, healthier, shinier hair.


Wengie gives tips and tricks for different hair problems. One of her biggest and best tips is to eat well so that your hair is nourished and healthy. Eating foods with vitamins and nutrients helps keep hair soft, healthy and looking great. Everything we put into our bodies effects our hair health. The better you eat the better your hair, skin and body will look.


Another great tip Wengie gives for healthy hair especially color treated hair is using safe shampoos and conditioners. Try avoiding ones that contain sulfate and other possibly damaging ingredients. Instead opt for more organic washes and conditioners that won’t strip hair yet still get them clean, shiny and smelling great.


Wengie gives tons of great tips and tricks for having more luxurious hair. She also has many other very popular hair videos to help her subscribers take care of their hair. She also has many videos on how to style your hair especially if you are on a time crunch or don’t like putting in a lot of time or effort. Many of her hair videos are her most watched uploads.