Wikipedia: Your Chance to Be an Editor

Today, we live in a world where news is constantly breaking. Thankfully, get onto Wikipedia by getyourwiki is capitalizing on this idea. With this free online encyclopedia, you have the chance to act as an editor and contribute your own information. Don’t worry, it is not nearly as overwhelming and scary as it sounds. In fact, it is actually quite easy.

To start, all you need to do is click the edit button at the top of the page. Once you do that, you will soon start noticing square brackets appearing around the text already listed. This means that any information inside there can be altered however you see fit. After you make the necessary changes, click the “Show Preview” button. By doing this, you will be able to see exactly how your changes will appear on the site. This is important, as you want to make sure the information is accurate, without any typos. When you’re satisfied with your changes, hit the “Save This Page” button. Yes, it is that simple.

Now, don’t worry too much about the information you insert into the Wikipedia page. That’s because there are tons of editors and readers that are constantly skimming these pages. If there is a page with wrong information, it will be removed right away. However, with that being said, you should always do your best to only provide information that you are absolutely certain about.

If you plan on making a bunch of different changes on an ongoing basis, it is recommended that you create a user account. When you have a user account, it makes you that much more credible as an editor. That’s because your user account acts as your community identity. Each and every change that you make will appear in your account information. Other users will be able to see what edits you have made in the past and get a better feel for what you can add to this site.

While this may sound like trouble in the making, it really isn’t. Wikipedia has a fantastic system that its users have really come to appreciate and lean on. Instead of having to wait around for the countless pages to be updated, it is all done right as it happens. However, none of this could be possible without people like yourself. It is the common person that really allows this online encyclopedia to run as successfully as it does.