Jose: A Reliable Name in the World of Advertisement

Currently serving as the co-CEO of the Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe. Which is said to be one of the twenty most prominent advertising agencies in Brazil, Jose Henrique Borghi founded the old Borghi and is an advertiser by profession. He achieved a degree in advertising from the Catholic University of Campinas (PUCCamp). During the initial stages of his professional life, he introduced new campaigns and ideas while working for others, which later gave him the confidence to start his own business in the advertisement industry. Borghi lives by the mantra of integration, and due to his commitment to the stimulation of creativity, he is a prime example of someone who values quality over quantity.

The agency itself is a big name when it comes to Brazilian advertising, with the motive to focus on creativity, as is emphasized by Jose. Mullen Lowe Brasil is cited to have received numerous awards throughout 2014-2016 owing to their promising performance. The new Challenger Octopus logo is in fact designed by the Brazilian wing of the agency and used worldwide. With 6 Golds in Lusos and 3 Diamonds in Colunistas Rio, as well as being titled Agency of the Year, Mullen Lowe has proven worthy of the acclamation that it has received. Jose Borghi is one of the reasons of the vast success of advertising, mainly due to his creative mind and managerial methodology in addition to his dedication to the areas of creativity, which is bound to enable the company to flourish even more.

The core idea of the agency is to bring together talent from various walks of life and provide a platform for creativity to prosper. A team of dedicated professionals works along with Jose to maximize ideas and utilize its full potential to influence a large audience. Being a huge network of communication agencies, the company specializes in brand strategy, creative content development, and integrated communication. It has emerged as an agency that is providing services and solutions in this digital era in more than ten countries, while also providing a chance for its customers to work with a team of some of the world’s most innovative marketers. The agency truly lives by the motto that there is no big or small when it comes to work, and this is the main reason that has led to its success.