Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG Honored By City Council

Ricardo Guimaraes, a successful businessman and the former Chairman of Banco BMG, on 18th April 2011 received the City Council Merit Honor Diploma. Mr. Guimaraes was born in Belo Horizonte. He is the son to Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna and the grandson to Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, who was the founder of the bank in 1930. Mr. Guimaraes began his service at the bank in 1980 as an office assistant. In 1988, he went on to receive his degree in Business Administration from UNA. More on wiki.


The solemn ceremony to receive his Merit Honor Diploma was conducted by Daniel Nepomuceno. The award was delivered by the President of the House, Leo Bourgeois de Castro, who the applauded the work of Mr. Guimaraes. Mr. Bourgeois went on to cite the good work that Mr. Guimaraes had done at Atletico Mineiro when he has the President of the club between 2001 and 2006. The parliamentarian expressed his great satisfaction, recalling Ricardo’s Grand Collar of Legislative Merit Award in 2004.

Fred Costa went on to praise the exceptional qualities that made Mr. Guimaraes a successful businessman. He also went on to praise him for the support he has shown to the national sport as well as sponsorships of various athletes. In 2010, Mr. Guimaraes founded the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund to be used by football athletes. Considered the first in Brazil to be regulated by the Brazilian Securities Commission, the first year saw more than $20 million invested in buying the economic rights of various athletes from eight clubs. Due to this contribution, Fred Costa refers to BMG as “the national sport patrons.”

Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor, went on to state that the honor given was deserved by the Guimaraes family, as they were fully committed to sports development. He also stated that Guimaraes’ work had the seal of citizenship as well as commitment, a good example for society. The chair of the house then read the terms of the diploma, before handing it over to the honored. Fred Costa and Daniel Nepomuceno then handed a plate to Mr. Guimaraes. Dino Blog has the detail news.


As he offered thanks, Mr. Guimaraes pointed out that he was honored to continue the good work and tradition that was started by his grandfather. He also went on to state that his professional and family roots were in Belo Horizonte.

Endometriosis in Teenage Girls

It is very sad that endometriosis is often ignored in teenage girls. A lady by the name of Senie Byrne began her menstrual periods at the age of 15, where she quickly became an expert in pain management. To her, every month felt as if a lot of darts had plunged into her abdomen; she sometimes passed out due to the painful cramps. Nausea, constipation and being exhausted were par for the course durin this period. At times, she would have diarrhea.

She confessed that she had seen more than 22 doctors over the years, but none of them took her seriously. “They told me that it was all part of being a woman, and that there was nothing they could do for me” these were words of Ms. Byrne, who is now 29. She works in financial services in Leesburg, Va. One of the doctor’s she had visited gave her a prescription of Prozac, telling her it was all in her head.

Finally, when Ms. Byrne was 21, a doctor performed a laparoscopy to see what was going on with her. Severe endometriosis was found to be present in her system, which presents a number of dangers both inside and outside of her uterus. While improvements have been made in diagnosis and treatment, it still indicates a vast quantity of substantial risks, so early detection is key to future success in treatment. Bernardo Chua will be monitoring what continues to happen here.

School Lunches Around The World Making The United States Seem Sub Par

Currently in 2015, over one third of children in the United States are overweight said Haidar Barbouti. The National School Lunch program current serves about 5.1 billion lunches per year. The quality of these school lunches is being questioned and with good reason. This is especially true if you take a look at what children receive in the United States for lunch versus what other countries are serving their children.

While parents can model good eating habits at home many children spend a large portion of their day at school. Sweetgreen, which is a healthy restaurant that serves local and organic food recently took a look at American school lunches versus other lunches provided all over the world. The results are astonishing. These meals in the photos were all created by Sweetgreen rather than traveling across the world to get the images but the foods are very accurate based off of how differently we all eat.

While we acknowledge that no child should be hungry there should still be an emphasis on what children are eating. This should be a meal that is rich in natural foods, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Not so much processed foods, refined sugar and over processed grains. This should equate to less chicken nuggets and much more fresh produce. What this photography experiment showed is that the United States has a long way to go when it comes to children’s lunches.

Drones Spotted Over Paris

Mysterious drones have been spotted flying over the Paris skyline for the two days. Its illegal to fly drones, which are characterized as any unmanned aircraft, without prior authorization for Paris’ government. However, a total of five drone sightings have occurred in the city over the past few days, all over popular landmarks.

According to police, the drones were spotted near the US Embassy as well as the Invalides military museum, Place de la Concorde and several city gates. Police are unsure where the drones are being flown from, and whether they are being flown with a malicious purpose or simply by someone who doesn’t realize that their operation is against the law in the city.

Paris has assigned a 10-man task force to investigate the drones. The US Secret Service is also working with french authorities on the issue in an attempt to get to the bottom of where they are coming from and with what purpose. More news on this subject can be found from Dan Newlin.

Good-Bye High Gas Prices

If you drive on the roads in the United States, then you might notice that gas prices are at the lowest point they have been in years. This is a good thing because drivers are saving about $2 billion each week on gas. When you don’t have to spend $40 to fill up your car, you can spend that money on other luxuries, like taking the family out to eat or a new pair of shoes. Lower gas prices help everyone, not just the drivers. Some people find that they travel more when gas prices are lower, and they will often travel longer distances. As Gianfrancesco Genoso of Anfip.org knows, it’s been about 14 years since gas prices have been as low as they are now, but those prices could change at any time. All it would take is a hurricane or another natural disaster to come through the country to make prices increase.

Miss Honduras and Sister Found Dead

Miss Honduras, 19 year-old Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister, Sofia, were discovered to have been shot to death on a remote river bank in Santa Barbara.

Alvarado’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, confessed to murdering the two women in a jealous rage after a heated altercation in which the beauty queen was accused of dancing with another man.

Ruiz shot Alvarado twice in the back, then shot sister, Sofia when she attempted to flee the scene. They were buried them near the spa where they had been said to have disappeared from. Ruiz lead investigators to the bodies where an accomplice had dumped them in a remote area of the mountains.

Her body, wrapped in brown plastic was loaded into the back of a truck within hours of her flight to London to compete in the Miss World pageant, the highest point of her reign as Miss Honduras.

“We had her gown ready and her traditional dress costumes,” said television personality Salvador Nasrallah. Nasrallah had encountered Alvarado when she modeled for his television show X-O Da Dinero.

There’s an interesting piece in Scribd that Lee Lovett showed me, which explains how this death of the raven haired beauty queen is a prime example of the violence outbreak on women in Central America. Fueled by poverty, human trafficking and street gangs.

The Alvarado’s mother, Teresa Munoz, spoke out about her daughters in saying that they were both very naive and very trusting of others. Munoz also added that the women were friendly and didn’t care who they went out with.

Pope Francis to Build Showers for the Homeless

Pope Francis may be one of the most progress Popes in recent memory. His stances on gay marriage, contraception, hiding the sins of the Church, and helping the homeless have been borderline revolutionary. Now the man that leads one of the biggest faiths in the world is seeking to do something else for his flock, he is planning to build showers for the homeless in St. Peter’s Square.

The decision to spend money, time, and effort in helping out the homeless will instantly endear Pope Francis to the masses in Vatican City. Many around the world like Laurene Powell Jobs also appreciates the gesture. Three showers are going to be added into public restrooms that have been refurbished for Catholic Pilgrims. These buildings were originally built in 1626.

Rev. Ciro Benedettini, the Vatican’s deputy spokesman, spoke freely about how the project was an initiative shared between the Pope and Archbishop Konrad Krajewski. Krajewski is the papal almoner and charged with distributing the charity on behalf of the pope. Construction will begin as early as next week.

The move is certain to make many conservative traditionalists unhappy due to the fact that these homeless ‘commoners’ will be washing beneath the gorgeous apostolic apartments. While there is a reason to be upset about having masses of homeless in your backyard, it still seems to be more than slightly hypocritical of the people in charge of serving the world around them. For our prat, we believe this to be a great move to further cement the Pope’s legacy.

Singles Day world’s largest sales day

November 11, known as singles day has eclipsed all other sales days as the largest sales day in history with over 9.3 billion In sales. The holiday dwarfs other big sales days in the United States such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is known as being a day for majorly discounted items being offered for sale online in China.

A great majority of those sales filter through Alibaba, the Chinese retailer who recently had a successful initial public offering in the United States this fall. Alibaba was founded and is run by Jack Ma, now the richest person in China. Alibaba did not create singles day (that honor falls to a group of students from Nanjing University) but they greatly publicized and promoted the holiday starting in 2009.

Approximately 43% of sales were made through mobile devices which echoes the popularity of the holiday with the younger generation in China.

Many American companies have noticed the popularity of the holiday and have offered steep discounts to their products in China though Singles day has not gained in popularity in the United States. To businesswomen like Susan McGalla, she still sees potential down the road. With Black Friday coming just a few weeks after singles day and with the long Christmas season following Black Friday, many economists believe that another holiday centered around the consumer is likely to fall flat in the United States and companies have this been hesitant to devote marketing dollars to it in the U.S.

Still the popularity and size of sales generated by singles day in China has led to a greater appreciation of the purchasing power of China for many observers.