Julie Zuckerberg Shows Recruiting Expertise

When Julie Zuckerberg was attending school at the city university, she had a clear plan for what her life was going to look like from the beginning. She knew that it was something that she was going to stick to the plan with and something that she would be able to reach if she tried. She wanted to be a recruiter for a large company but she also wanted to try other things out – like smaller companies – where she would be able to learn more about the different options that were available to her. Even if those different companies did not work out for her, she knew that trying them would give her the experience that she wanted.


The first place that Zuckerberg went when she was out of school was Hudson. This was a great opportunity where she not only learned about the recruiting process but also about the way that the financial aspect of the business worked. Julie Zuckerberg did what she can to make things better and to show people that she was going to be one of the best recruiters. It gave her a chance to show them more and to make sure that things were going to go well for the company as well as the people who the company was hiring.


After working at Hudson for a short period of time, Julie Zuckerberg decided to try a new venture. This was in the way of Citi. As a recruiter, she learned more about the banking world and what it involved. She also knew what to look for in the people who she was hiring thanks to Citi. While she was working there, she was truly able to branch out and create new hiring strategies. She helped to find some of the best people that the company had ever seen and that gave her the drive to want to do more and go further in her career.


Julie Zuckerberg saw a different opportunity with different options the next logical step in her career. She wanted to work with other people and she saw the insurance world as the best way to do this. She joined New York Life Insurance as the best option for her and it was something that she knew she would be comfortable with. She didn’t like the idea of recruiting with the company though and began searching for something different and better.


For Zuckerberg, the opportunity came in the way of Deutsche Bank. This was a great opportunity and one that she jumped on immediately. She was able to learn in the way that she had with the New York Life Insurance Company, spread her wings like she did with the Citi Group and be able to put her strategies to good use like she had always wanted to do. Now that Julie works with Deutsche Bank, she is confident that is the last place she is going to work for. She wants to be able to stay there for a long time and to be able to do more with what she has.