The Traveling Vineyard, A Home Based Business

A lot of people want to have their own home based business for the flexibility it offers. With the Traveling Vineyard, anyone who likes parties, wine, and wants to have control over their own schedule is welcome to join. It is not necessary to be a wine expert in order to throw free parties for your friends and family who are interested in award winning wines. The Traveling Vineyard provides plenty of training to help their wine guides prosper.

Making money is easy with the Traveling Vineyard. Each wine guide will be given a personalized website, where they will market their business to prospective team members and party throwers. The website is free for the first 90 days, and then it is $15.95 per month. A percentage of each team member’s orders will be given to the wine guide who brought them in. Also, up to 35% of all the orders made from each of the wine guides parties will be profit for the wine guide.

An initial start-up kit for $189 is needed. The Success Kit includes all the accessories necessary and enough wine to cover two parties. If enough orders are taken throughout the party, a free set of wine bottles will be credited to the following party. If not, the five bottles necessary for each party is $75. The amount of time and energy spent on the business is up to each wine guide. There is no minimum requirement for how many parties or orders should be made each month.

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