Nutrimost makes Healthy Living pay for pirated video

Healthy Living didn’t receive very good news lately as they have been taken to federal court in a lawsuit claiming they stole a video from their rival company in the weight loss business, Nutrimost. The video apparently stolen was one Nutrimost was using to promote their latest weight loss system, a system that have helped hundreds of people to lose the weight they want.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

The video pirated by Healthy Living was modified only slightly, by removed all references to Nutrimost and replacing them with those for Healthy Living. Customer testimonials to the weight loss plan remained the same as well as those from the principal of the system, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Dr. Wisniewski’s new program will allow a person to lose up to 45 pounds in 40 days or less. It also does not require the user to exercise, or ever feel hungry. In addition, no prepackaged meals are ever used, and no one has to undergo surgery or receive harmful drugs hormones.

Nutrimost wants the courts to bar any further showing of the video by Healthy Living and has also asked for more than $300,000 in damages for the loss of reputation. Healthy Living showed the video for a little while even while under a cease-and-desist order.

Nutrimost is cutting edge weight loss. They proudly call themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”, and they have customized weight loss programs for many individuals who have lost tremendous amounts of weight in a short period of time.

No prepackaged meals like other programs are needed, and there are no drugs or hormones that have to be administered. The Nutrimost system will have you losing more fat than you thought you could ever use without exercising for feeling hungry.