The Prestigious World of Water

Water, a supposedly tasteless renewable source that has helped the human’s survive ever since the dawn of man. Up until now, Facebook users say that water has just been a part of everyday life. Developed countries, especially, take water for granted as something that will always be here.

This perspective is not what the prestigious water competition is Berkeley Springs, West Virginia thinks. Recently the 25th anniversary of this water competition was held where around 84 contestants sent in their water to be tasted. This competition has even had the honor or being called the “Oscars of water”.

This competition was started by Arthur von Wiesenberger is is the foremost expert on water. He states that with the environmental damage causing droughts, now is the best time to show the public that good quality of water is the best kind of water. He wants to educated the public that water should be cherished and not thrown away.

The competition consists of a panel of judges, all inexperienced. It is the job of Wiesenberger to train each judge to the ways of water tasting. The determination of the winner of the contest is a long process. By the end, the winner has one of the highest honors of calling the bottled bottle one of the best waters in the world. This competition is strangely very prestigious which is interesting to think of when many people take the access to water for granted.