Lake Tahoe Resort Options for Enthusiastic Skiers

There are so many reasons to visit magnificent Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. The region is a hub for people who appreciate enchanting natural landscapes. It’s also a haven for folks who love all varieties of outdoorsy activities. Skiing is a beloved recreational activity in the Lake Tahoe region on That’s why the area is equipped with some of the planet’s most incredible ski resorts. People who are busy planning upcoming Lake Tahoe ski getaways should pay careful attention to the region’s most acclaimed resort choices. Standout ski resorts in Lake Tahoe include Heavenly Mountain Resort in South Lake Tahoe, California, Diamond Peak Ski Resort in Incline Village, Nevada, Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California and last but definitely not least, Alpine Meadows in Alpine Meadows, California. There are a total of 18 unique ski resorts in the area.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is noteworthy for being among the United States’ biggest ski destinations. It has three terrain parks. The Winter Olympics in 1960 first put Squaw Valley on the map. That’s because the ski resort was the major competition’s gracious host. Fans of ample choices in outdoor activities often gravitate to this famed resort. It offers more than just recreation, too. It features an abundance of high-quality dining establishments. It even has a wellness spa for guests who want to pamper themselves and take it easy for a while. Skiers who want to explore many fine choices in runs often head to Squaw Valley Ski Resort for pure fun. Resort guests frequently praise Squaw Valley’s courteous employees as well.

Alpine Meadows has a lot in common with Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Location is one thing. People can get to Alpine Meadows from Squaw Valley in just 15 convenient minutes. Shuttle service is available for people who want to travel between both resorts. Alpine Meadows boasts an idyllic and serene atmosphere. It attracts all different categories of skiers, too. Families regularly visit Alpine Meadows for good old-fashioned skiing pleasure. Seasoned and experienced skiers who have impressive skills also routinely visit the resort. That’s because Alpine Meadows offers a lot to skiers who are passionate about challenges. This resort covers more than 2,400 beautiful acres. It has 100 plus diverse trails as well. Alpine Meadows is situated smack dab in the center of Tahoe City and Truckee. It’s close to Lake Tahoe’s tranquil northwestern shore. Skiers often rave about the many terrain options that are provided by this resort. That’s one reason Alpine Meadows entices so many kinds of skiers. The resort receives more than 400 inches of snowfall each year. It’s notable for having the Lake Tahoe region’s lengthiest snow season. Alpine Meadows has been in business since 1961.

London Vacation Rentals You Need To Book During Your Next London Trip

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London is a beautiful place filled with wonderful sightseeing opportunities. Find a unique place to stay during your trip by using LondonEscape today online.