An Insight on Avaaz

Avaaz is a civic organization that is based in the United States. Started in 2007, the organization is involved in promoting global activism that touches on matters such as animal rights, climate change, poverty, conflict and corruption. According to the Guardian, it the most powerful and largest online activist network in the world. Although Avaaz has only been in operation for five years, it has grown to become a huge and successful online activist network. The word “Avaaz” means voice in many different languages of the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Avaaz was started for a simple democratic mission: to organize all citizens in the world and to close the gap that exist between the current world and the world that majority of people want. Avaaz works by empowering numerous individuals from different ethnic groups to take action on vital regional, national and global issues. The model of Avaaz of internet organising enables large amounts of individual efforts to the combined rapidly into a strong collective force.

The community campaigns of Avaaz are conducted in 15 languages and are served by a united team across six continents together with many volunteers. The actions taken by Avaaz include signing of petitions, emailing, funding of media campaigns, lobbying and calling governments as well as organizing offline events and protests.

Avaaz is headed by a strong, skilled and experienced management team that is committed to achieving the organization’s strategic goals. As a result of the new technology and global interdependence being on the rise, Avaaz has managed to solve the constraints that are faced by millions of people all over the world. Avaaz operates with only one global team that is responsible for tackling any problem of public concern. The campaigns conducted by Avaaz has earned s reputation as having flexibility, scale, extraordinary nimbleness and focus. The power and priorities of Avaaz are determined by its members.

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Avaaz Is Helping People Create Positive Change in the World

Most people have a shared desire to make the world a better place. However, most people are also rather unsure of the best place to start. It’s part of what keeps issues from properly being addressed. But at the same time, it’s also one of the factors which prompted the creation of Avaaz. Avaaz is an answer to the question of how people can begin to work together in order to make the world a better place.

Avaaz was created in 2007 as a response to online desire to make concentrated online efforts to promote a better world. The leadership of Avaaz is impressive, to say the least. It consists of people from a wide variety of different backgrounds and accomplishments. From congressmen to scholars, Avaaz has a wide range of experts at hand to consider the best approach to any situation.

One of the most unique aspects of Avaaz is that it doesn’t take donations from foundations or corporations. They operate with the belief that doing the right thing will influence people to contribute as they’re best able to. This often comes in the form of financial donations on an individual level. In fact, this philosophy has proven itself by helping raise over $20 million from individual donations. This method of operation also ensures that Avaaz is only indebted to the ideals of doing right by the world. There’s no need to worry about larger donations from any corporation dictating Avaaz’s direction.

The donation model perfectly showcases one of the underlying beliefs within Avaaz. They believe in practical idealism. This belief basically states that ideals need to be taken out of theory and worked with in a way that can put them into actual practice.

Avaaz has an impressive list of accomplishments that show how far practical idealism can take people. They’ve been able to offer hope to anyone who’s ever felt lost when trying to figure out how to help the world improve.

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Honey Birdette Shows Its Success As Both An Online And Physical Retailer

The Honey Birdette brand has proven itself to be a major success across many different markets and nations since it was established in Brisbane, Australia in 2006. The brand was first created with an eye on the development in the Australian market but has now set out to develop a global reach with development and growth taking place in both the U.S. and U.K. in 2016.

Honey Birdette has been looking to gain a foothold in the European markets for a number of years and finally took its first steps into Europe in 2016 with the opening of a flagship U.K. store in the capital of London. The opening of the Covent Garden store in 2016 has led to a new plan from the lingerie producer that includes the creation of many stores taking in a number of U.K. locations in a plan that will lead to Honey Birdette operating 40 stores across the country by the close of 2018.

Sales growth has not been limited to Europe as the Honey Birdette brand has also seen its customer base grow across North America, an astonishing 374 percent growth in Online sales to U.S. customers took place in 2016 and prompted the creation of a dedicated U.S. Online sales platform.

Honey Birdette has grown its reputation as a luxury sensuality store based upon the needs of its customers and the development of its own products generally seen as of higher quality than those produced for the mass market.

Founder Eloise Monaghan believes every customer should enjoy an unforgettable experience when they step through the glossy black doors of a Honey Birdette store where champagne flows freely and each customer is aided by one of the beautiful “Honey’s” who are a major part of the sales experience for every individual.

Financial Mogul Brings Commerce and Philanthropy to Dallas

After graduating Beta Gamma Sigma from the University of Virginia in 1984, James Dondero went on to manage over a billion dollars in assets with American Express. But with an entrepreneurial fire in his belly, he co-founded Highland Capital Management with partner Mark Okada in Los Angeles in 1993. The company relocated to Dallas soon thereafter, growing into a firm with 18.7 billion dollars of actively managed capital with nearly two-hundred employees.

Having over three decades of financial sector experience, Mr. Dondero has managed mammoth amounts of assets across the global market. As both a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Analyst, Dondero has the experience in the financial field to deliver substantial profits for Highland’s clients. Dondero paints himself as a “puzzle-solver,” and indeed, his innovative ideas in the alternative asset field have solved many investors problems. In the midst of Argentina’s debt crisis in 2012, Dondero invested money in the Latin American nation’s struggling master limited partnerships as well as the nation’s sovereign debt.

In addition, Dondero is the Chairman of three other companies: CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank and serves on the board of directors for both MGM and American Banknote. Despite his impressive resume, Dondero is humble and even introverted, preferring not to boast. He lets his performance in the business world speak for itself.

And though Mr. Dondero is not a native Texan -he was born in New Jersey-, the CEO of Highland Capital Management is passionate about developing the greater Dallas community. His philanthropy operates from his $300 million charitable fund, which disburses $3.5 million to charities annually. He commissioned local art for Highland’s Dallas office in order to beautify the company’s workspace.

James Dondero has excelled in both his professional and philanthropic endeavors, and the Dallas community is better off for his transplant from California in the 90s. Of course, Mr. Dondeo would never admit it.

Basic Information about Cancer Treatment Centers of America

There are many oncology treatment Platforms in America that continue to play a critical role in cancer treatment. A perfect example of such platforms is the Clinical Pathways platform, which is a product of the NantHeath and Allscrips partnership. The platform offers clinical decision support solutions and access to clinical workflows. In addition, the cancer treatment process is informed by the Clinical Pathways platform.

Hundreds of oncologists across America continue to provide useful cancer care data that can be found on this program. The Clinical Pathways platform contains different cancer treatment options that oncologists can adopt when treating cancer patients. Besides, the platform contains information on new research and data that clinicians can access anytime. Consequently, instances of guesswork have been eliminated because clinicians and oncologists can always consult the platform. Examples of new information that is available on the platform that can assist oncologists to come up with care protocols include; latest treatment regimens, complementary therapies, and recent cancer research. Selection of cancer therapies has also become very transparent and efficient since the Clinical Pathways platform was introduced.

About CTCA

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has five major centers for cancer treatment. The treatment centers can be found in Pennsylvania, Tulsa, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma. Cancer experts in these centers use leading-edge technologies and advanced treatments to provide comprehensive and personalized care to patients. The Oncologists are able to deliver quality care by adopting integrative treatment that consists of conventional methods like surgery, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Apart from treating cancer patients, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) offer evidence-based supportive therapies. Such supportive therapies are very critical in the management of cancer-related side-effects. Many cancer patients in America have been able to benefit from the personalized approach that the CTCA adopt. Generally, all cancer services are offered at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).

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Security Counts With NuoDB Cloud-Based Technologies

What happens when you lose a laptop? It becomes a major problem. What most people do not realize is it becomes a major financial problem. Just one lost laptop can become a billion dollar problem. This becomes worse when this laptop comes from a major corporate office. It is not so much the laptop as it is the information that is contained within it.

This is why NuoDB security is taken very seriously. That one lost laptop can cost a company billions. Now image having a few laptops lost. This is why you need to get plugged into the “NuoDb Cloud-Based Security”.

Once the information is saved in the Nuo SQL database Cloud it is safe. This means the laptop can go missing and the information can still be retrieved. A laptop can always be replaced. You cannot say the same for the information.

The NuoDB Cloud-Based Technologies allows you to scrub the laptop once the information is sent. Many people worry about information getting into the wrong hands, especially the time-sensitive information. You will not have to worry about this with the NuoDB Cloud. As long as you save the information to the cloud before you scrub, then the information is safe.

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Talos Energy Embarks on a New Business Venture

London-based Premier Oil Plc, Houston’s Talos Energy. and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas have joined to embark on a new business venture. An offshore well, the Zama-1 well, has been sunk in Mexico waters. The well is estimated to have between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude. Drilling to completion will take an estimated 90 days. The percentages of company stake for the venture are as follows. Talos holds 35%. Sierra holds 40%. Premier holds 25%. Thus, each company has a part in the results of the drill. This appears to be a venture of promise for each of the three companies.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company that specializes in offshore exploration. Talos Energy began in 2012 and has worked hard since its creation to ensure a safe and environmentally compliant outlet of production of the company product. Talos Energy utilizes innovative tools and seismic technology to explore the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy is strongly involved in promoting the community. It is the company’s mission to strengthen a community that has worked to strengthen its employees. Thus, Talos Energy gives each employee a $500 allowance to donate to any community organization of his or her choosing. Furthermore, Talos Energy has events with national and local organization to promote employee involvement in the community. A few of the organizations Talos Energy teams with are Operation Gratitude, Houston Food Bank, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, and November. Community involvement is of great importance to the Talos Energy team.

Tim Duncan is the Founder, President, and Executive Officer of Talos Energy. He has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Mississippi State University and an MBA from the Bauer Executive Program at the University of Houston. He is also an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, IPAA, and the National Ocean Industries Association.

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Australian Firm Taps Female intimacy Market to Strike Gold

Shoppers worldwide are hot for a sizzling lingerie brand that’s the brain child of an Australian entrepreneur who seems to have figured out exactly what women need to look, feel and experience their sensual best.

The Honey Birdette brand founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 is led by briefs and bras selling for premium prices, starting at about £35 for the former and £65 for the latter. The sexy items are flying off the shelves so fast the company has announced it will expand from two retail sites in the United Kingdom to 40 stores by the end of next year.

In addition, Honey Birdette is eyeing more store openings in the United States where sales have also been brisk. Internet-based sales of the line has skyrocketed by 374% in the past 12 months.

The company also has a presence in New Zealand, Canada and other European locations besides the U.K. It also deals in more than undergarments. The Honey Birdette website lists additional wares, from adult toys for sexual enhancement to candles, lubricants and novelty items.

One reason for the rapid success of Honey Birdette is Monaghan’s recognition that bedroom accessories were not easily accessible by women. Thus, Monaghan set out to “create a luxury space for women” that made them feel empowered and able to select what they wanted to enhance personal intimacy.

After a strong reception to Honey Birdette in her native Australia, Monaghan realized the U.K. and U.S. markets were key to making her brand take off with a vengeance.

Honey Birdette has become a force in a market heavy with competition – but also heavy with demand — and so a nimble company with a clever marketing plan will bask in the spoils of success. Right now, that’s Honey Birdette.

How Do The Cancer Treamtent Centers Of America Help People?

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are the most-advanced medical facilities in the trade, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that the patients in their facilities are given the best services. These patients are helped in a number of ways that will be quite progressive, and they will show the patients that there are many ways to get well. A patient who follows the program at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a much higher chance of recovering.

#1: The Treatment Plan

According to, every patient is given a treatment plan that will help them follow along with what the medical staff prefers. The medical staff will create a plan that helps them follow a diet, exercise routine and the medications they believe. It is much easier for people to use their treatment plan on their own, and they may followup with the staff at any time.

#2: How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment takes as long as necessary, and the staff knows how how simple it is to adjust the plan when needed. They believe that there are a number of people who will benefit from these plans, and they will begin searching for a way to help the patient get through treatment faster. It is simple for someone to make changes to their health when they are using this program, and they may ask the medical staff a number of things that could be helpful to them. This is the fastest way to have an assurance of recovery.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are quite important for a number of people who has a bad cancer diagnosis. They may recover faster when they have the information that is needed, and they may adjust their treatment plan until they feel better, have more energy and are on the road to recovery.

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Cassio Audi Was a Musical Visionary

Cassio Audi is a business professional now and he works just like most other adults do in Brazil. Before this, though, he worked as a musician and was even part of a band for a short period of time. This led to him seeing a lot of success and having a lot of chances with the band. It also allowed him to explore more of himself and learn more about the music industry. Cassio Audi knows that his music career was a big influence in the way that he did things and it helped him to learn more about the opportunities that were available to him. Cassio Audi knows that music played a huge part in his career and the rest of his life and is always grateful for the opportunities that it helped him to be able to have while he was on tour and in other areas.

For a short period of time, Cassio Audi was a part of the group, Viper. This was a popular band in Brazil and they went on tour. The band even had a hit single that became extremely well-known. Before they had a chance to go on a world tour, Cassio Audi decided to leave the band and try to pursue other opportunities that he thought would work better for him. All of it led back to the music, though, and Cassio wanted to make sure that he could get the most out of a career for himself in the future instead of just with the band that he was working with and a part of.

Now that Cassio Audi has had success as a musician, he knows that he will be able to be successful in other areas. It takes a lot of work to do well as a musician and a lot of dedication.

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