Jaime Garcia Dias Is A Writer To Be Reckoned

Brazil has been among the countries that have been in the spotlight this year due to its diverse culture, rising economy, prominent personalities among others. The Brazilian literature is one and has transformed and grown since the country’s independence from Portugal in 1822. The 15th century marked the beginning of literature for the country when Pero Vaz de Caminha wrote a document (still in existent) to Manuel I of Portugal that comprised of a description of Brazil at that time.

From then, Brazilian literature has evolved progressively until the 21st century where most artists focus on the city life compared to previous writers who concentrated on the rural life and the drawbacks the natives experienced. In the past, notable Brazilian writers were well-known in the country since their work wasn’t aimed at a larger audience in terms of the language used.

Portal.com says that among the authors who have made it in the contemporary art is Moacyr Scliar whose writings majored on the Jewish experience in Brazil. His prominent work, Max and the Cats (1981) gained global recognition mainly after a plagiarism row emerged when Yann Martel won the Booker Prize with The Life of Pi (2002). Both books have a similar plot of a little boy and a huge feline sharing a boat while drifting in the ocean. Paulo Coelho is a high-selling and most well-known name in Brazilian literature. His start almost hit the wall with being sent to a mental hospital due to his perceived introspection and aggressive nature. After a couple of years of traveling the world, he embarked on fulfilling his dream of being a writer. His notable works include By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (1994) and The Alchemist (1984).

This short list doesn’t come incomplete without the mention of Jaime Garcia Dias. Mr. Dias is another famous Brazilian author whose father is also a Brazilian writer. At 45, Dias has published a trove of 20 quality books that has impressed plenty of readers. His love for literature started at a young age where his interest grew because of his father and he wrote his first book at just 15 years. As a way of giving back to the community, Dias helps other amateur Brazilian authors to get on their feet in the literature world.

Mr. Dias serves as the President of the Carioca Literature Academy since 2007, where he also taught literature for five years after completing his studies at the University of Rio de Janeiro. As a result of his hard work and tenacity, Dias has been recognized with numerous awards acknowledging his rare work of literature. His career is promising, and many readers anticipate much from his excellent work as he thrives to quench the reading thirst of his audience.