John Goullet; One of the best entrepreneurs in the IT industry

Diversant LLC is well known for offering IT staffing services and various solutions to Fortune 500 and market companies in the US. The company provides a collection of IT staffing services which includes IT staff augmentation, user design services, contingent and direct hire solutions on contract or permanent basis. Additionally, the company engages in small veteran programs and business enterprise. It also helps with the unemployment problem by giving job opportunities to a collection of jobs such as network administrators, creative designers, database administration, project managers, mobile, and application technology developers among others.

Over the last few years, the firm has rapidly grown its growth being more than double that of other IT companies. This only reflects the business capability to providing various solutions and IT personnel to its Fortune 500 and mid-market customers. A large part of the firm’s success is attributed the consultative approach Diversant LLC has adopted. Generally, the firm views their consultants and clients as business associates and thus strives to understand their needs and problems. From the company’s name, you can identify the ability of the firm to promote diversity in different aspects.

Recently, John Goullet was named as the company’s principal something that made him triumphal considering he had just merged his firm, Info Technologies, with Diversant LLC. John formed his company in 1994 with the aim of focusing on providing a solution to the Fortune 500 organizations and providing IT staffing. In the Inc. Magazine list of five hundred, Info Technologies took the eighth spot. The magazine list consisted of the fastest developing privately held companies proving that indeed the firm had developed. This was true as in just five years since it was formed; it had expanded to nearly thirty million dollars.

John has made a name for himself to become a high-profile entrepreneur who has been responsible for spearheading the growth of various ventures in the industry. He started as an IT consultant but decided to hoop to IT staffing. He appreciates all his other colleagues as he believes that success comes from people combining their efforts and working together.

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Visual Search Playing Increasing Role In E-Commerce

Image recognition technology is playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce. The technology is being developed so that retailers can connect with customers through an additional avenue. Visual search technology startups around the world are having an impact on retail stores, and are changing the way major clothing companies are conducting business.

The essence of visual search technology involves a potential client of a clothing or fashion company seeing an item such as a purse, dress shirt or skirt that they like. Whether they see it on their favorite TV show, sitcom, on another person or a billboard, visual search technology hopes to be able to connect potential customers to products through simple photos or videos. A startup visual search company in India is hoping to develop a technology that would allow viewers of a TV show to be able to find and purchase clothing or items that their favorite actors or settings have.

It may seem far-fetched, but such startup companies are showing great promise, and have already attracted investors who are willing to put well over a million dollars into such an endeavor. Some visual tech companies are also focusing on analytics. They want to develop technology that will be able to pin-point key factors into what makes customers buy that particular brand or style of item instead of a competing brand.

One of the technology startup firms that are leading the way in analytics technology in visual search is Slyce. The company has been at the forefront of developing recognition technology that allows people to instantly be connected to an item that strikes their fancy. They have even developed their own mobile application, where you just snap a photo of an item that you like, and it will instantly give you recommendations.

One of Slyce’s goal is to make its visual search technology more accurate and expand the number of products listed in its database. When a person take a photo or video using Slyce’s application, they are given an exact match or a very similar product. Slyce’s goal is to increase the accuracy of its matching program so that people are shown the exact product in their photo.

Slyce has also pioneered social media and image recognition technology. This allows people to brand and tag certain items on social media photos. See a friend wearing a scarf that you just love? With Slyce’s new program you can find out what the scarf is, where to purchase it and how much it costs without even having to ask the friend. Slyce is also experimenting with new analytics technology to provide better matching. For a complete overview of startup companies like Slyce shaking up the e-commerce world check out this article on Livemint.