Joseph Bismark’s Ideals of Integrating a Positive Mindset into Marketing

Joseph Bismark is a deeply spiritual marketing expert. He believes that integrating the two ideas, leads to a higher success rate in your marketing endeavors. I happened upon Joseph and his ideals on the blog Just Judy and her Dog and I was very interested in what he had to say. He is a very influential entrepreneur and has helped many of his colleagues find success by utilizing his ideals. In his early childhood years, he made the remarkable decision to live his life as a monk, in the Philippine Mountains. 


Later in life, he decided he wanted to enter into the world of business and marketing. He then became the Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies. From there he started his own business, which he called Qnet and the RYTHTM foundation. Despite his success, he has maintained an overall sense of humility. He attempts to exude positivity in all areas of his life. One of his goals is to promote a healthy lifestyle to his colleagues. He believes that success is not measured by money but by the positive impact you have on others. This is an excellent mindset. Often times in today’s society we become too caught up in monetary success and we forget about the importance of having inner peace and a positive impact on those that we come into contact with. Recognizing the importance of a healthy and balanced mindset, is important to being successful in all areas of your life.

Andy Wirth’s Unstoppable Athleticism

Andy Wirth is an active husband and father who enjoyed athletics, he aspired to someday become certified in skydiving so that is what he did. He frequently practiced becoming very experienced in jumping until October 13, 2013, his favorite past time became his worst nightmare. In Lodi, California some friends accompanied him on a jump that went terribly wrong, he jumped from the plane missing his drop zone causing him to land in a nearby vineyard avoiding some power lines. He latched his right arm onto a pole ripping it right off, as an former backcountry ranger and EMT he knew how to slow the bleeding to save his own life. The Undercover Boss safely made it to a hospital as he continued to sing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” to himself for comfort, after days of agony and multiple surgeries they were fortunate enough to reattach Andy’s arm. 

What is he up to now?

No, Andy is not skydiving in his free time anymore but he refuses to take advantage of the fact that he is alive and well with both arms. Andy stays active trail running, biking and working with the Navy to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation and becoming close to the people he meets along the way. Today Andy has 70 percent use of his right hand and genuinely apologizes to his wife and kids for what happened and he truly appreciates how supportive they have been through his journey.

4 reasons why New Jersey Real Estate Market is set to boom

The 2006 real estate slumber across the United States affected all the states across the nation. Although the majority of the states have recovered from the slumber, New Jersey is yet to recover. The prices of properties in the state are still below the prices that were there during the 2006 slumber. However, New Jersey real estate has seen been on the rise in the recent year. It is believed that the low prices of properties in New Jersey are caused by two main things. The first one is the low populations of the state. New Jersey’s population is about half the national average population of states. The second reason is the number of foreclosed properties in the state which is at 8.12%.

Ridiculous state taxes on properties have done little on the prices of properties. The prices still remain much cheaper compared to the prices in the neighboring New York. This makes the state an ideal place to invest for investors in New York. The prices can be viewed from two perspectives: bad news for people selling homes, and good news for people looking for properties to buy.

Many experts, such as Omar Boraie of Boraie Develoment LLC, believe that the real estate industry of the state will recover and finally boom. He is one of the people who have shown continued faith in the state. In four decades, he has been able to transform New Brunswick urban area from a deserted area into an area where people want to live in.

According to Housing Wire, there are four reasons why the real estate industry in New Jersey will boom. The first reason is the low down payment and low interest rates in the industry. These will enable more people to afford properties.

The aggressive marketing due to technological advancement is the second reason. This is especially true with free marketing that can be achieved through social media and keyword optimization. These marketing platforms enable developers to reach a great number of people. Boraie Development LLC has managed to use these platforms successfully.

Traditionally, only families were involved in owning houses. The new trend has seen many single people looking for houses to own. This means that the number of people looking for houses will be on continuous rise.

Real-time brokerage is the last reason. Unlike the past, a potential property owner only needs stable internet connectivity to discus a given property with a broker and decide if he or she can buy the property. This means that a person anywhere in the world can access New Jersey real estate market.

This article is a summary of an article originally published by Realty Today on their website.

Verizon turns $60 Account Credit into $60,000 Hospital Bill

The latest in telecom company customer service mishaps is as serious as a heart attack. Angela Hawkins called in to Verizon to sort out a $60 account credit she had been promised by a customer service rep. That $60 account credit turned into a $60,000 hospital bill after Hawkins suffered a heart attack following the phone call.

Hawkins attempted to sort out the account credit with a customer service representative who directed her to speak with a supervisor. When the supervisor came on the line Hawkins was accused of threatening to kill customer service reps in the call center.

Hawkins was so distraught by the accusation that she actually had a heart attack. She went to see a physician shortly after the incident that confirmed the heart attack and ordered a stint to be placed in one of Hawkins’ arteries. The total hospital bill ran about $60,000 says source Brian Torchin.

The supervisor called later after reviewing the call recording to apologize for the miscommunication. Hawkins has decided to show how she feels about the phone call with a big fat lawsuit against Verizon for pain and suffering. Her attorneys are asking for $2.35 million to clear up the “miscommunication”.

In the end it was proven that Hawkins never threatened anyone. She didn’t get that $60 account credit either.

Microwaving of Food May Better Protect Nutrients than Other Cooking Methods

Microwave cooking and heating of food has been criticized by some health experts for depleting nutrients in the food. A recent article from Harvard Medical School concluded that microwaves may actually be the preferred method when warming and cooking food, as more nutrients are retained by the microwave cooking method.

Harvard Health Publications concluded in their article that because microwaves use little water for cooking, heat food quickly and have shorter cooking times that they actually allow food to retain more nutrients than other heating methods.

Cooking and heating food by any method causes nutrient loss. Vitamins C and B12 quickly degrade when heat is used during cooking. Though some nutrients, such as carotenoids found in colorful vegetables, benefit from the heat, most vegetables and fruits lose nutrients when heated.

Boiling vegetables in a large amount of water appears to cause the most nutrient loss, as nutrients are leached into the water. Anastasia Date suggests that steaming vegetables has shown to help retain more nutrients than boiling or frying.

Some experts caution that despite the short cooking times and less water, microwaving food can cause hot spots from uneven cooking that occurs in the microwave. These hot spots are higher in temperature than the rest of the food and may cause concentrated nutrient loss in these spots.

Eating a well-balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits is the most important thing, health experts say. No matter the cooking method chosen, people benefit from the fiber and nutrients that produce contains.