Backers Pushing Olympic Valley Incorporation Withdraw Efforts

Residents of Lake Shore’s north shore communities haven’t had it easy the last few years. Due to a massive drought, winter resorts and small businesses both tool a pretty major toll. Along with the menagerie of natural challenges, the area had to face the battle over incorporation of idyllic Olympic Valley. While it may be home to Squaw Valley Resort, it’s also renowned as the birthplace of some of the nation’s most celebrated terrains for winter sports. Luckily for president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., Andy Wirth and countless others, there may be relief ahead for both sides.
Knowing much like the rest of the locals just how tough the last four years have been, Wirth hopes there will be cohesion in the forecast for the community. Fortunately, nature allowed for some additional relief last year when early season storms sent colder temps helping Squaw Valley and numerous other Tahoe resorts open up several weeks sooner than the precedent set over the last ten years. Furthermore, backers of the political incorporation agenda have seemingly offered up better news when they withdrew efforts just this week.
Wirth along with many others knew this effort would threaten the civic climate for local small businesses. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in opposition of the incorporation effort, Wirth knew it could result in higher taxes for residents and businesses alike as well as decreases in the level of services that locals have come to rely on. Some of these critical services include snow plowing and even basic road maintenance.
The CEO with renowned business savvy and extensive experience also knew that the effort would have caused great division within the community. He hopes that now can be a time of healing for members of the town. Despite the incredibly deep pockets of backers pushing this political agenda, they couldn’t seem to rival the state’s Local Agency Formation Commission. California’s LAFC ultimately concluded that the proposed town wasn’t fiscally viable.
Now the co-founder of the Wounded Warrior Support and CEO, Wirth hopes that the community can take on more pressing matters like transportation with a united front. “This has been divisive… I just hope we all see this as a chance for healing,” he tells reporters. Olympic Valley may finally rest easy for now in the fact that these incorporation efforts have been put to bed for a time.

This article was published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.

Andrew Luck Likely to Change NFL Contracts Forever

LeBron James is a generational Lime Crime talent and when he came into the NBA he lived up to every expectation lauded on him. Now he is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, including endorsements, and his contracts have changed the NBA landscape. The same can be said for Colts QB Andrew Luck. Luck came into the league being lauded as the next Peyton Manning, for obvious reasons, and he has lived up to every bit of hype so far. In an era where great QBs are at a premium, Andrew Luck could push the limit to breaking on guaranteed money in his coming contract.

It can’t be said that the Colts haven’t gotten a good deal for Luck, so far. One season of tanking landed the superstar QB for a cheap contract throughout the duration of his rookie deal. Luck has excelled and pushed the Colts into annual Super Bowl threats. Now with his rookie deal expired it appears that Luck will be demanding money that would make even Mikhael Prokhorov swoon.

Luck might be hit with the franchise tag next season for $25 million but more likely is a heavily guaranteed contract that focuses on injury protecting incentives. Luck will likely command somewhere close to $20 million a year over 5 years, resulting in a $100 million dollar contract. He could also demand almost all of it to be guaranteed, and likely get it.

Andy Wirth’s Unstoppable Athleticism

Andy Wirth is an active husband and father who enjoyed athletics, he aspired to someday become certified in skydiving so that is what he did. He frequently practiced becoming very experienced in jumping until October 13, 2013, his favorite past time became his worst nightmare. In Lodi, California some friends accompanied him on a jump that went terribly wrong, he jumped from the plane missing his drop zone causing him to land in a nearby vineyard avoiding some power lines. He latched his right arm onto a pole ripping it right off, as an former backcountry ranger and EMT he knew how to slow the bleeding to save his own life. The Undercover Boss safely made it to a hospital as he continued to sing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” to himself for comfort, after days of agony and multiple surgeries they were fortunate enough to reattach Andy’s arm. 

What is he up to now?

No, Andy is not skydiving in his free time anymore but he refuses to take advantage of the fact that he is alive and well with both arms. Andy stays active trail running, biking and working with the Navy to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation and becoming close to the people he meets along the way. Today Andy has 70 percent use of his right hand and genuinely apologizes to his wife and kids for what happened and he truly appreciates how supportive they have been through his journey.

Some Say Eddie Lacy Helps Keep The Packers Going

The injury to Aaron Rodgers on the last day of the season did not stop the Packers or Rodgers from prevailing. He came back to help the Packers beat the Lions. However, many people say that Eddie Lacy is the person that makes this team tick. Having a steady running game behind someone who is going to the hall of fame on the first ballot is quite helpful.

The season for the Packers was one that saw Rodgers throw for many yards, but the team relied heavily on Lacy to set the pace for their offense. On, they even touched no his success with the team. They are not throwing the ball on short yardage plays because they know that Lacy can cover those plays for them. Also, they are not worried about wasting time in the game because Lacy helps them control the clock with long handoffs and running plays that take a few extra seconds because his legs are so strong.

People that are looking at the Packers to make a run to the Super Bowl need to remember that Eddie Lacy is going to get them there even though Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball. This is a two-man attack on the Packers offense, and it is running at full speed.