Sodas Are Going To Have Warning Labels?

If you are going to San Francisco, you may find yourself in for a bit of surprise when purchasing a soda. It looks like the city is intending to post warning labels on sodas and sugary beverages. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to mandate labels on sodas. The labels are going to be warnings similar to those placed on cigarette boxes. Essentially, the warnings will point out that drinking sugary drinks raises the risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

Are a lot of people going to quit drinking soda due to the placement of these labels? Honestly, it is pretty doubtful a regular soda drinker is going to choose to go with green tea or a bottle of water after seeing a warning sticker. Susan McGalla reports the labels may have a minor impact, but minor is about it according to Post-Gazette.

The soda industry has suffered some losses in recent years. Those losses weren’t minor, either. More and more consumers have come to realize that drinking sugary sodas and other beverages increases the chances for obesity and diabetes. As a result, the growth of alternatives to traditional soda and even diet soda has been dramatic. A greater number of people these days have an understanding and awareness that drinking soda is really not all that good for you.

Does that mean no one drinks soda? Of course not. Millions upon millions of people still do. Hearts and minds in San Francisco are not likely to change much among those who are already regular soda drinkers, but you never know. The label just might have an effect on a few people who could end up being very thrilled they were nudged and advised to give up soda.