Lime Crime, Taking Over Social Media And Headed For Global Domination

Have you heard about Lime Crime? Regardless of what you know about this cruelty free makeup company and their Queen of the Unicorns founder Doe Deere, they are headed to take over the world. Well, at least the world of cosmetics. Lime Crime has been very active on social media and the fans love it. People are following the company, posting their personal makeup photos and so much more. Social media makes it easy for everyone to share their experience with the products and the company in general. There are an number of things that people talk about on these social media platforms and a one of them is the colors. Lime Crime has amazing colors that people have been asking makeup companies to produce for years.

Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime took these customer requests seriously and set out to produce true to life colors that everyone love. Doe took it a few steps further because there are other things that she felt were equally important, like, being cruelty free. Doe doesn’t harm her Unicorns and she doesn’t want any animals to wear makeup or be treated cruelly so, she made her makeup cruelty free and doe not support animal testing.


Another thing that makes Lime Crime’s products unique is that they are vegan friendly. The products are made out of ingredients that are vegan friendly. This is something that most makeup companies don’t take under consideration. Makeup blogger Celia Leslie has talked about Lime Crime and the reviews and insights she provides are very positive.


Doe Deere started Lime Crime with about a hundred dollars and a huge dream. Doe knew deep down in her heart that the company would reach a level of success because people wanted what she and her company had to offer. Doe was right and people from all walks of life are using the amazing products offered by Lime Crime. This makeup can be used by anyone who is not afraid of color or personal expression because that is what Lime Crime is all about. The colors and the company philosophy are all about being who you are and dressing the part. Everyone wants to be awesome and that is why Lime Crime is headed for global domination.

Facebook Could Be Hurting Your Career

For the longest time we have seen the meteoric rise in social media as a part of our day to day lives. Facebook in particular has become such a common part of our day to day life that those of us who are NOT on the website are considered outliers. Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, communicate with colleagues, and create a web presence for yourself. However, the easy way you can use Facebook is leading to some unforeseen issues and now we are seeing Facebook actually HURT the careers of people all over the country. Status Labs, an online reputation management company, listed a few ways that you can practice preventative care with your Facebook account.

Create a professional page for yourself.
Whether you are a business owner or merely someone looking to climb the corporate ladder, it is better for you to have a public Facebook for colleagues and a personal Facebook for friends and relatives. You want to present the best version of yourself possible to colleagues and potential bosses so make sure that your public page really shows off your best traits. Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher points out that hiring managers WILL look into your social media accounts, so you might as well give them something pleasant to see.

You should crank up your privacy settings.
Facebook, like all social media forays, makes its money by selling user information to companies looking to advertise on the platform. If you don’t want your information to end up on the front page of Google’s search results then you need to crank up the privacy settings for your Facebook account. Make sure that all of your posts, pictures, and sensitive details are set to ‘friends only’ and routinely search yourself on web search engines to make sure that the settings have stayed in place.

Avoid controversial conversations.
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion but that opinion could lead you to some trouble in the workplace. While it is an extreme example, we’ve seen city officials fired over having inflammatory or controversial comments on their page. When thinking of making a controversial post assume that your boss will be reading it. If you don’t want to post it at that point then you know you shouldn’t.