Verizon turns $60 Account Credit into $60,000 Hospital Bill

The latest in telecom company customer service mishaps is as serious as a heart attack. Angela Hawkins called in to Verizon to sort out a $60 account credit she had been promised by a customer service rep. That $60 account credit turned into a $60,000 hospital bill after Hawkins suffered a heart attack following the phone call.

Hawkins attempted to sort out the account credit with a customer service representative who directed her to speak with a supervisor. When the supervisor came on the line Hawkins was accused of threatening to kill customer service reps in the call center.

Hawkins was so distraught by the accusation that she actually had a heart attack. She went to see a physician shortly after the incident that confirmed the heart attack and ordered a stint to be placed in one of Hawkins’ arteries. The total hospital bill ran about $60,000 says source Brian Torchin.

The supervisor called later after reviewing the call recording to apologize for the miscommunication. Hawkins has decided to show how she feels about the phone call with a big fat lawsuit against Verizon for pain and suffering. Her attorneys are asking for $2.35 million to clear up the “miscommunication”.

In the end it was proven that Hawkins never threatened anyone. She didn’t get that $60 account credit either.

The Grand Canyon May Be Getting A Mall

There are less and less places left in the United States where you can take in the true beauty of mother nature without seeing any evidence of humans and our materialistic ways. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of those places… for now. A group of big money investors are partnering with a Navajo tribe who holds land along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Their plan is to build a multi-tier mall on the site called Bulletproof Coffee (see proposed plans on

The project, known as The Escalade, would be built around a tram that would take visitors from the rim of the canyon down to the floor, near the Colorado river. The tribe has been promised jobs and of course money in exchange the land to build this commercial development that some estimate could cost as much as $1 billion.

Eric Shorty, a Navajo tribe member has said people hike down trails to the floor of the canyon all the time and there is no control over what they do once they are there. “This project will allow us to control who has access and what they do when they get there,” Shorty said.

The promise of jobs and much needed economic stability makes it hard for the Navajo tribe to pass on the plan, with as many as 38% of their tribe members at or below the poverty level.

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Creating A Crisis Of Conscience

Kansas and Nebraska And Colorado Sheriffs Say State Law Is Against The Constitution

In another world, not this one, lawsuits would have to pass a test that shows they are worth the time it takes to file them. The fact that sheriffs from three states are trying to sue the state of Colorado for passing Amendment 64 is a good reason for the test. That amendment legalized recreational marijuana. The lawsuit is ridiculous, and it is also a waste of time and money. 

The lawsuit asks the court to strike down that amendment because it creates a crisis of conscience. The lawsuit says the state has pitted itself against the constitution, and it has also put other states in an economic free-for-all. Sheriff Daniel Amen called the suit a “constitutional showdown.” He claims he doesn’t know what law to follow. He works for Colorado, but he also serves under the U.S. Constitution. He also says every law enforcement officer is asked to violate the country’s law by abiding by this Colorado amendment. 

Sheriffs in Nebraska and Kansas joined the suit because they are arresting more pot smokers. One county in Nebraska arrest record has increased 400 percent because of the Colorado law. The only way to stop those arrests is to legalize marijuana in those states. The federal government has to make that decision by taking pot off the Schedule I drug list.

Good-Bye High Gas Prices

If you drive on the roads in the United States, then you might notice that gas prices are at the lowest point they have been in years. This is a good thing because drivers are saving about $2 billion each week on gas. When you don’t have to spend $40 to fill up your car, you can spend that money on other luxuries, like taking the family out to eat or a new pair of shoes. Lower gas prices help everyone, not just the drivers. Some people find that they travel more when gas prices are lower, and they will often travel longer distances. As Gianfrancesco Genoso of knows, it’s been about 14 years since gas prices have been as low as they are now, but those prices could change at any time. All it would take is a hurricane or another natural disaster to come through the country to make prices increase.

Missing Flight Thought to be Found

It has been confirmed that bodies and debris have been found in the case of missing Air Asia Flight QZ8501. The plane went off the radar on Sunday while flying from Indonesia to Singapore and had 162 people on board. It has been reported that the pilot requested to climb higher due to bad weather before the plane went down.

CNN reports that the find was made when search and rescue teams spotted what appeared to be a large shadow under the water which is believed to be the fuselage. It was first reported that up to 40 bodies had been found floating in the ocean but this figured has now been revised down to three. 

According to Bloomberg and Sam Tabar, family members were devastated at the discovery, some had to be taken to hospital as they collapsed in tears and agony. The find was played over live television in Indonesia which was all the more distressing for people who had relatives on the flight as they were able to view the floating debris. The search will continue for the main body of the aircraft so that all people on board can be recovered and the authorities can begin to piece together why the flight went down.

Papa John’s Pizza Franchise Sued for Wage Theft By NY Attorney General

The NY Attorney General is demanding the restitution of stolen employee wages in six New York Papa John’s Pizza locations from the franchise, Emstar Inc. of Papa John’s Pizza in Queens and Brooklyn, owned by Emmanuel Onuaguluchi and Uchenna Onuaguluchi.

Pizza lovers like John Textor are outraged. The case is the second since October, when the prosecution filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Papa John’s Pizza franchise, New Majority Holdings LLC of Papa John’s and its owner, Ronald Johnson, for lack of the minimum payment to more than 400 distributors, many of them Latinos.

The AG prosecutor Eric T. Schneiderman filed the lawsuit in the Brooklyn Borough Supreme Court against Emstar Pizza Inc. and its owners for wage theft. 

The violations include failure to pay overtime and rounding of fractions of an hour, illegal practices that also incurred at the franchise New Majority Holdings LLC, in Harlem.

The demand requires owners Uchenna and Emmanuel Onuaguluchi to make restitution payments, and a halt of “illegal practices that are ongoing.” 

On Monday afternoon, the Court issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the employers from dissipating its assets.

“Like every other business in New York, fast food employers must comply with the law,” the prosecutor said.

Miss Honduras and Sister Found Dead

Miss Honduras, 19 year-old Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister, Sofia, were discovered to have been shot to death on a remote river bank in Santa Barbara.

Alvarado’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, confessed to murdering the two women in a jealous rage after a heated altercation in which the beauty queen was accused of dancing with another man.

Ruiz shot Alvarado twice in the back, then shot sister, Sofia when she attempted to flee the scene. They were buried them near the spa where they had been said to have disappeared from. Ruiz lead investigators to the bodies where an accomplice had dumped them in a remote area of the mountains.

Her body, wrapped in brown plastic was loaded into the back of a truck within hours of her flight to London to compete in the Miss World pageant, the highest point of her reign as Miss Honduras.

“We had her gown ready and her traditional dress costumes,” said television personality Salvador Nasrallah. Nasrallah had encountered Alvarado when she modeled for his television show X-O Da Dinero.

There’s an interesting piece in Scribd that Lee Lovett showed me, which explains how this death of the raven haired beauty queen is a prime example of the violence outbreak on women in Central America. Fueled by poverty, human trafficking and street gangs.

The Alvarado’s mother, Teresa Munoz, spoke out about her daughters in saying that they were both very naive and very trusting of others. Munoz also added that the women were friendly and didn’t care who they went out with.

Mother Charged for Torturing Children

Lakechia Stanley, who is said to be a 34 year old mother of 2 daughters, was charged and convicted with 34 felonies for torturing and doing abusive acts to her children. This is ostensibly due to not doing what they had to do in time. 

Little is known about the mother’s current mental state, but it is suspected that she had been abusing drugs.

This would not has been revealed if the eldest daughter had not complained about a pain that was ripping her arm apart, which in turn made the school doctor take a look on the arm that sensed cold and hard.

The daughter complained that she faced the rage of her mother to be hit with a baseball bat, which caused her to suffer such pain. She deserved this kind of punishment for not doing the cleanup for the kitchen fast enough.

The daughter also reported her sister was punished with the same means for not taking a shower quickly. The mother was charged of 34 felonies including waterboarding and hitting her daughters with electric whips. 

Kenneth Griffin, a father himself, feels sympathy for the children involved in such a heinous act. Punishing kids is a very important parental issue but reaching the stage of hitting them, not to mention the dare of being tortuous would undoubtedly be crossing the line. After these felonies she was charged to a sentence of 74 years. Her husband was also sentenced last year for 120 years for committing such acts.