White Shark Media Complaints Review

We have always enjoyed hearing from our clients over the years. We’ve had many compliments, but also our fair share of complaints. We want our customers to understand that we at White Shark Media take your complaints very seriously and will do our best to improve in the areas that you have commented on. The following are a few typical complaints we have been contacted about.

Some clients have complained that they have lost touch when it comes to their AdWords Campaigns. This is essential to us to fix. From now on, we want to be certain that every customer of ours knows everything there is about their campaign. When you are aware of every aspect of your campaign you will understand exactly what to look for when looking for a specific keyword or ad.

Communication is another problem we are working on. Many clients felt like they were not able to get in touch with their contact person easily enough. In the future, we will be scheduling monthly calls with a program called GoToMeeting. Both the client and SEM Strategist will be able to review a copy of the monthly report together while sharing a screen on the GoToMeeting online conference tool. We are also implementing a new phone system that will enable the client to get in touch with their contact person immediately, instead of going through countless phone calls.

Clients have informed us that their older campaigns perform much better than the newer “optimized” ones. This is something we want to make sure is taken care of. In order to do so we will use as much as possible of an existing, well-performing campaign that you already have in operation. We will also see to it that all of our strategists are matched up with a supervisor who can be counted on to provide the feedback and support that is needed throughout any campaign.

We have also been told that our clients would love it if we offered SEO services. While we have not gotten to do so just yet, we will make sure that you are getting the most out of your own personal SEO service. Your SEM Strategist will happily look over any material that you send over.

We have heard that your contact person was not very in tune with what you needed after you initially signed up. To remedy that we are now having our Senior SEM consultants track the process of every single client, from start-up to the optimization process. They will be available for any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

We have also been told that you do not like that a large part of your business is handled through phone calls. We have partnered up with Marchex in order to utilize their call tracking. This is included in all AdWords management’s plans at no cost.

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White Shark Media Puts the Service Into The Service Industry

When it comes to certain organizations out there, you understand that you get what you pay for. Other companies may promise quality but you can’t ever see the results. Still others you have almost come to accept that you won’t ever get an answer or what you need so you hope you don’t have to deal with the nightmare of calling them in person. That being said, you have a significant chance of finding help in certain companies. The best advice you can take is that once you have found one of those companies in general, you might want to do your best to ensure you stick with them for the long run.

Many companies worry too much about their profits and bottom line figures to actually do the job the right way. It doesn’t matter exactly who you are or what field you happen to be in, you can tell the companies that are trying to squeeze a few more cents out of their customers (and their employees as well). Then there are the companies that are willing to put everything else on hold and put the problems at the top of the list. When you find a company willing to worry about profits as a secondary matter and actually follow through with the service that they promise, you have an organization that will go places in the long run.

One of the best examples of such a company happens to be White Shark Media. Not only has White Shark Media been able to make significant jumps in their niche, they are also showing companies in entirely different sectors what it takes to be great and attract customers. Their reputation isn’t just about doing things right and standing by their word, it’s entirely based upon putting their clients first.

Even though you hear the term service being tossed around a lot these days, you have to think of when you actually see it. With a company like White Shark Media, you are not only getting a significant amount of service, you are also getting a company that is willing to do what it takes to make you happy. No wander they have got all the positive reviews from their clients. When you find business partners who act like your success is their success, then you truly can’t measure how far your business will be able to go. Don’t play the game where you keep wasting money and time to track down your current vendors and get help or answers. Find out how White Shark Media can help you today.