Rick Smith’s Great Contribution to the Inmate Telecommunications Industry

Richard Smith, more commonly known as Rick Smith, is the CEO and chairman of Dallas-based Securus Technologies Inc., one of the leading providers of inmate telecommunications solutions in the U.S. Mr. Smith has served in these positions for almost a decade now, and the company has been doing exceptionally well under his leadership. He has extensive experience and expertise in the telecommunications industry, and is very passionate about his job. This is what makes him the right person for these positions, and for this reason, he always does an excellent job. He has made a great contribution to the telecommunications industry.

Contribution to Securus and the Telecommunications Industry as a Whole

Under his leadership, Securus Technologies Inc. has developed several new innovative and affordable products and services for correctional facilities to make the incarceration experience more bearable for both inmates and their loved ones. One of these is the video calling services they provide at correctional facilities, enabling inmates to spend special days such as birthdays and anniversaries with their loved ones. The company also lowered calling rates for inmates, making it less of a burden for them to stay in touch with their loved ones. During Rick’s tenure, Securus has been commended severally by both the public and industry experts on its great job at securing correctional facilities (through its innovative solutions). Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Work History

The inmate telecommunications industry is not a very easy industry to work in, but Rick Smith has defied all odds and excelled in his career. He served on the boards of Eschelon Telecom Inc. and Integra Telecom Co Ltd among other telecommunications companies. All this was while he was working at Securus, yet he was able to fulfill his demanding responsibilities in all these positions. It takes a man of mettle to be able to handle all this so effortlessly. His passion for the telecommunications industry is what makes him so good at what he does.

Prior to joining Securus, Mr. Rick Smith held several other leadership positions in various telecommunications companies, including Midwest Telephone Operations and Frontier Information Technologies among others, and he always did an excellent job. Richard holds an MBA from the University of Rochester and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York. He has over 4 decades’ experience in the industry.

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Rick Smith is a very valuable asset to Securus, and his contribution to the company and to the industry as a whole cannot be gainsaid. His passion for the industry and his commitment to excellence are what enable him to provide such great leadership to Securus Technologies Inc. With Mr. Smith at the helm, Securus is expected to do even more for the inmate telecommunications industry. Under his leadership, the company has set the bar high for other players in the industry.

Securus Technology and Christmas Morning

The video was done using through a Securus technology; it has father face timing with his son on Christmas morning. At the beginning of the video he ask his son if he has opened his presents yet and then during the video he gets to watch his son open his presents, as he shares the moment with him. Along with getting to watch him open his gifts, he also gets to watch him begin to play with his toys. This is a family moment that would not be possible without the Securus technology. Even though it is not the same is if the father was physically with him, it’s close to it.

Through the Securus Video Visitation, it allows individuals to connect with incarcerated loved ones in a more convenient. Just like in the video, it gives the father a chance to spend Christmas with his little boy. Depending on the availability of the facility, individuals can either pre-schedule a visit onsite, or they can schedule and be able to visit their loved ones from the comfort of their home. By being able to schedule a visit from home, this can cut out the time of driving to the facility the loved one is at and then having to wait in line to visit, with the at-home visit, all that’s needed is a computer and a webcam, and an online account with Securus.

Along with video services, there are also other services available such as phone services, jail voicemail and email services. There are several plans of phone services that are available, these include inmate debit, direct bill, traditional collect, and advance connect. Using the jail voicemail, there are three simple steps, you call the phone provided, then select the facility where the loved one is located, and then there will be prompted to follow for leaving a voicemail. And after leaving the voicemail, the loved one will be notified that there is a voicemail waiting for them.
And with the email services, there are several benefits including receiving notifications for accepted and rejecting emails, no approval process for sending email messages, and there can be attached electronic greeting cards and attached photos. There are also links that include finding a facility that Securus serves and customer care which includes ways to contact the company, as well as facts and questions and let individuals ask questions to the company. Some of the reasons that an individual may need to contact securus includes main support and payments.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.