13-Year Old Attempts to Drive Drunk Parents Home

Saturday night, a 13-year old became the designated driver for her drunk parents and 7-year-old sibling.

The parents went out with their two minor children to Club Vongos, a Texas nightclub and had a few too many alcoholic beverages. The oldest child felt her parents were too intoxicated to drive the family home so she jumped in the driver’s seat.

Fellow motorist called the police about a pickup truck that was speeding and driving erratically. They thought the driver was drunk, instead it was just an inexperienced girl who was too young to drive.

Police stopped the vehicle and found two incredibly drunk adults, and an underage 13-year-old trying to make the trip home, which was still more than 30 minutes away.

According to police, the mother called the incident a “little adventure” for her daughter.

Both parents were arrested and face child endangerment charges reports Madison Street Capital.