Rubica “Personal Cyber Security”

In this article, I am advancing to inform you on why you need Rubica “Personal Cyber Security” 08/04. Cyber-attacks, as well as cyber threats, are real challenges posed by hackers as a result of the technological advancements. Hacking can be devastating and result in losses that may have financial implications, damage your reputation, massive data loss, and even wipe out your entire business. The challenge with this kind of attack is that everyone is either a victim or a potential target. Without sufficient personal cyber security, it’s just a matter of time before you get attacked.
Recently in my place of work all the computers were operating below their minimal required threshold, it was as if someone was controlling the over 30 computers remotely. We had to close business for the day as everything was a mess that fateful day. The login credentials of all the employees had failed, the payment systems and scanners were down even the computer antiviruses were not working properly. The monitors were displaying compromising images and even nude photos of some employees. They were real embarrassing moments and breach of individual privacy. The attackers had a point to prove, which they did successfully. To salvage the situation the entire network had to be shut down as a temporary measure. The occurrence caused the organization time and extra costs for data recovery.
Luckily for you is that Rubica offers the best personal cyber security that will limit you from experiencing such antagonizing situations. Rubica exists to protect your digital rights, that is safety as well as privacy which will hinder you from cyber-attacks. It offers the best personal cyber security with just a simple app that you install on your device or devices and secures you 24/7. Rubica is a credible partner in your personal cyber security because its staff consists of experts previously in top security firms like Scotland Yard, US NAVY, and NSA. For perfect personal cyber security think Rubica (YouTube).