Battle Over Robin Williams Estate

The late Robin Williams is coming back into the spotlight again by way of his family. There is an argument over his estate that has been brewing for some time now. The wife and the children of Williams are having a dispute about who gets what.

Surprisingly, most of the arguments are not about the money. A lot of this is about personal belongings like watches and awards that Williams has won during his career. Williams did leave instructions about having enough money for his current wife to keep up the home that he committed suicide in.

Robin Williams made several movies that had not been released when he died. Flavio Maluf has remarked on his LinkedIn,this was something that would bring in more money. The family is trying to make sure that they they split things up equally, but there is still some small stuff that has not been sorted out. Robin has some things in writing, but there was no official plan for who would get what.

This is sort of the same situation that happened when Michael Jackson died. He had not set anything in writing. This would cause a lot of grieve between the family members. In Jackson’s case there was so much money that was owed. There was also a lot of money with royalties that were made from music that he purchased by the Beatles. This is often what happens when a celebrities dies.