Quality Food for Dogs Is Here to Stay

Large pet food companies have been spending a majority of their budget on producing all-natural versions of their products. Purina has recently introduced the Beneful, a line of dog food that is specially formulated to give dogs healthy, strong teeth and a shiny coat. Purina also recently purchased Merrick Pet Care, which is the first company to produce wet and dry dog food that is certified organic. Merrick also has a Backcountry line that features all-natural, delectable meals like Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

There’s a market for older dogs when it comes to pet food as well. Purina has a Beneful Bright Minds line, which includes medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. MCTs are fats that come from coconut oil, and are easier for senior dogs to metabolize. This provides dog with more energy to be active, and could lead to weight loss. Purina also has snacks from the Beneful line that includes treats made from bacon, beef and peanut butter, and a website that allows owners to customize their dog’s food.

Freshpet is also making its market in the dog food market with refrigerated meals for dogs. All of the products from the Freshpet brand are sold in display cases in the frozen section, and are available in arond 15,00 stores, such as Whole Foods Markets, Target and Wal-Mart.

Owners who want to feed their dogs a Paleo diet may want to try the Vital Raw line. Vital Raw has ingredients that are similar to what wolves (the ancestors of dogs) ate on a regular basis. Raw beef and chicken mixed with probiotics for digestion and ingredients like kale and sweet potatoes are often included in Vital Raw products.

It’s clear that the trend of feeding dogs foods that are fit for human consumption is here to stay. A number of pet owners feel much better about giving their dogs these natural foods. The pet food industry has grown by millions since 2009 due to the gourmet dog food trend as well.