The Rule On Bathrooms for Transgender Students Revokes Amid The Opposition Of Betsy DeVos

The rule that allowed the transgender students to use the bathrooms with respect to their gender identity has been revoked by the administration, though the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos didn’t agree to it. Under her, the education department opposed the movement, but the President overruled the order and revoked it. Betsy termed the new move as discriminatory and against the rule of law, however, got rescinded with her discord. She said that she tried to persuade with the President but could not bring the desired result in favor of transgender students. It is reported that the civil rights officials of Justice Department also opposed the move to scrap the rule on bathroom use by transgender students.

It is reported that Betsy even reminded Trump that both of them are bound to protect the students and publicly promised to do so. Though her attempts did not work for transgender students, she made sure to add the point in the new guideline that such students would be protected from any violation or discrimination and if any bullying noted will be investigated by Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights to ensure the equality. Betsy DeVos felt that there is some insensitivity towards the children with the revoke but acknowledged the fact that the President makes the decisions. There are reports that Betsy is working with the stakeholders to ensure there is no victimization or discrimination with the recent move. Even since the movement started to remove the rules protecting transgender students, Betsy found to be not happy with the developments.

Betsy DeVos, the current Education Secretary in Trump administration, is known as an education activist and a philanthropist. She thinks that the quality of teaching has gone down over the years and current education system is not competitive enough to follow the American dream. With that in mind, she encouraged School of Choice, School Vouchers, Charter school system, and Grading system for schools, as she believes that there is a necessity of increased competition between schools to provide quality of education. Also, the parents should have an option to send the children to the school of their choice regardless of economic background. She and her husband Dick DeVos set up a foundation called Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ( to donate to various organizations in 1989. They donate mainly for the cause of education, arts, leadership, community, and justice. It is found that in the year 2015 alone they made contributions amount to $11.6 million, whereas their lifetime contributions stand at $139 million. She is also very active in supporting arts, and the DeVos family founded ArtPrize in 2009, a global art competition program to encourage the talents, and it is held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read the interview on Betsy DeVos with Philantrophy Table.

Opposition Plans to Oust Maduro

Américo De Grazia, who leads the opposition coalition, is planning to have a constitutional amendment and recall referendum campaign to get rid of President Maduro sometime this year, before the summer. It’s legal in Venzauela to hold these referrendums as long as they take place in mid-term. De Grazia wants the president to resign. Many centrist parties have voted on the agreement to get rid of the president before his term expires in 2019. Some of the reasons as stated by David Osio for the recall election are, President Maduro stood in the way of many political prisoners being released in accordance with a voted on Amnesty law. They don’t like the way the president is handling the energy crisis, high transportation costs, and the food shortage.
The opposition is planning protest rallies. Jesús Torrealba, who is the head of the Democratic Unity coalition, believes that nobody, not even Maduro is going to stop the change that is destined to take place in Venezuela. After 17 years of socialist ruling lead by Hugo Chávez, the opposition is starving for the right to take over leadership. The coalition according tom an article has a list of names of presidents to take over when Maduro resigns. The list includes two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles and the jailed protestor, Leopoldo López who was once elected Mayor of Chacao, Venezuela and has started two political parties. Rallies for dumping Maduro began on Saturday, March 11, 2016.

Koch Brothers Change Their Strategies

Charles Koch started a political network not long ago, and this has made them engage in politics of late. The billionaire who is based in America has made a lot of changes in his life. The chief director of Koch Industries has been focusing all his energy on politics, and this year, he has become too powerful than ever, and this has been attributed to the political network he formed. With the support of several other wealthy individuals in the United States, Charles Koch has gone to the extent of changing his tactics to survive in the competitive upcoming election. His brother David has been helping all, though, working as the vice chief executive and co-owner of the Koch Industries.

The Koch brothers have become very influential in the United States now more than ever, and they have indulged in politics with all they can. In order to get a soft spot in the minds and hearts of citizens of America, Charles Koch has chosen to change their political strategies. In the past, they have been involved in politics just behind the scenes, without removing their covers. They preferred to keep their lives out of the limelight, and people did not know too much about their policies and private lives. They want to work their magic in politics, but in the eyes of everyone.

In October last year, something extraordinary happened, and this clearly shows the change. The Koch brothers appeared in the Wall Street Journal, giving out their profile for everyone to see. However, in their profile, the brothers lamented about the presidential post, especially in the upcoming elections in the United States. The brothers argue that the politics happening at the moment are just concerned with the personalities and origin.

According to the experts in the industry, the two brothers have a right to complain. It is believed that the Koch brothers intend to use over nine hundred million dollars in the elections, and it’s only natural for them to get extremely frustrated when things start to go in the opposite direction.

The brothers have agreed that Bernie Senders was right when he said that the politics in America, especially for the Democrats seem to favor the wealthy individuals in the society, completely ignoring the majority who are less fortunate or even struggling to make a living in the United States. He seeks to endorse a candidate who will ensure equality at all times.

Ghani on Tightrope

In his effort of warming up the relations with Pakistan and the US, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is the antithesis of his predecessor Hamid Karzai, but this diplomatic turnaround is not yet unanimous in Afghanistan, experts say. Since coming into power in last September, Mr. Ghani has tried his level best to revive talks with the Taliban in the hope of stabilizing the country after thirteen years of conflict. However, he still faces skepticism towards Pakistan and his government is also too much dependent on Washington.

From USA, Mr. Ghani got a message of slowdown in the pace of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Under Mr. Ghani, rapprochement with Pakistan has taken the form of cooperation in security and intelligence departments. In the Karzai camp, these reversals are also cringe. That’s something Sergio Cortes is trying to completely understand.

“In his impatience to move forward with the Taliban, Kabul bet a precious political capital on superficial changes in the policy of Pakistan,” said Mohammad Umer Daudzai, the former Interior Minister while giving interview to the New York Times. “On the need for a rapprochement with Pakistan, there are two different states of mind: the first does not give credit to the Pakistan politics and put on a return to normal in the next months, “said Davood Moradian, director of the think tank of Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies.

Is Discrimination Against Gays Going To Lead To Another Civil Rights Movement?

There was a time, not all that long ago, where minorities were discriminated against everywhere they went. Stores, restaurants, and so one either would not allow African-Americans into their establishments or, in the event that they did, stuck them in a bad part and provided poor service. Since the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s the Jim Crow laws were outlawed and equal rights became the norm. Now over fifty years later there is a new form of discrimination very reminiscent of the past. Homosexual individuals are constantly denied service at restaurants and at other facilities. Dan Newlin knows that there are not any federal laws protecting the rights of those of a different sexuality. In fact, a bakery in Colorado is currently under fire for denying a gay couple a cake order. Something as simple and harmless as dessert is showing the blatant hate that some feel towards gay people. It seems that regardless of one’s feeling for another’s choices that there should be the simple act of tolerance. Everyone is not going to agree with the rest of the world’s decisions yet to spread hate is equivalent to an infection of discrimination across out country. National legislation needs to be put in place to protect the rights of all citizens.

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Creating A Crisis Of Conscience

Kansas and Nebraska And Colorado Sheriffs Say State Law Is Against The Constitution

In another world, not this one, lawsuits would have to pass a test that shows they are worth the time it takes to file them. The fact that sheriffs from three states are trying to sue the state of Colorado for passing Amendment 64 is a good reason for the test. That amendment legalized recreational marijuana. The lawsuit is ridiculous, and it is also a waste of time and money. 

The lawsuit asks the court to strike down that amendment because it creates a crisis of conscience. The lawsuit says the state has pitted itself against the constitution, and it has also put other states in an economic free-for-all. Sheriff Daniel Amen called the suit a “constitutional showdown.” He claims he doesn’t know what law to follow. He works for Colorado, but he also serves under the U.S. Constitution. He also says every law enforcement officer is asked to violate the country’s law by abiding by this Colorado amendment. 

Sheriffs in Nebraska and Kansas joined the suit because they are arresting more pot smokers. One county in Nebraska arrest record has increased 400 percent because of the Colorado law. The only way to stop those arrests is to legalize marijuana in those states. The federal government has to make that decision by taking pot off the Schedule I drug list.

Laurene Powell Jobs Supports Education and Immigration Reform

Although she is mostly known as the widow of Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs has made a name for herself beyond Silicon Valley. Forbes ranked her as the 29th most powerful woman on the planet in 2014. The Laurene Powell Jobs Trust has 130 to 140 million shares of stock. This stake makes her the largest individual shareholder in the Walt Disney Company. Her stake is valued to be around 8.7 billion dollars.

As a result, the average person might only view her as a wealthy widow living in the shadow of her deceased husband; however, Laurene Powell Jobs is an advocate for change. She likes to bring attention to the needs of others, but she chooses not to bring attention to herself. She works quietly to change issues that are dear to her heart such as education and immigration reform.

Laurene Powell Jobs is the co-founder and President of College Track. This is a program that helps disadvantaged kids get ready for college. It is mostly geared towards low income and minority kids in high school who want to attend college. It is a program that is filled with tutoring sessions and fun activities that will help them succeed.

The kids enter the program the summer before they start high school. Successful students remain in the program until they graduate from college. Seventy percent of the kids in the program finish high school. Ninety percent of them go on to graduate from college.

Laurene Powell Jobs could be called an investor, or as the New York Times stated, a philanthropist and advocate. She works to improve the lives of others. She uses a mixture of wealth, intelligence, grace and clout to diligently work on the behalf of others that need help.

It can be said that she champions plenty of democratic issues. Although, Jobs is one of the biggest contributors for Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, she is a regular in Washington because of her passion. This does not mean that she strives to become a politician. She visits Capitol Hill quite frequently as a backer for immigration reform.

As she told Brian Williams on Rock Center, immigration reform is one of the reasons that she created the Emerson Collective. It supports social justice, immigration reform, environmental conservation and education reform. It also helps with educational start ups and grants. It is an LLC that functions just like a small business.

This means that the Emerson Collective can invest in and donate to political campaigns without making these donations and investments public. This is unlike foundations or charitable organizations. This allows Jobs to invest and donate anonymously to the causes that she is passionate about.

She became passionate about immigration reform because of how it affected many students in the College Track program. Some of these students could not apply for college financial aid because they were undocumented aliens. College Track prompted her to focus on the DREAM Act. This act promotes a way for undocumented kids to become citizens of the United States. It does not limit their ability to succeed in the United States because of their alien status. Jobs think that it is a waste of human talent if these kids don’t have access to all that America offers.

As you can see, Laurene Powell Jobs is more than just a wealthy widow. She is an advocate for both education and immigration reform; however, she uses her quiet strength and wealth to make these changes possible. She is concerned about the future of minority, immigrant and low income children. She wants them all to be successful in life.

For the Sake of National Security

A review into CIA interrogation and detention techniques has been completed since 2012. The public release of this report has been delayed for two years and seems to be a report never to be seen by the taxpayers. The six thousand plus page report has seemingly been challenged by the CIA. This report was redacted by the CIA and has been reduced to black markers with no substance. The Freedom of Information Act prevents the federal government from withholding information about the government from its citizens.


Being that this report cost forty million taxpayer dollars to create, the public should have a right to access the information it contains. When it comes to issues like immigration, budget, and tax cuts, partisan politics reign supreme. In the case of freedom of information, the Democrats and Republicans come together like siblings hiding a wrongdoing from their parents. This is funny to see for Laurene Powell Jobs and others who follow.  This report might contain proof of behaviors by the CIA for two years which turned the world against our great country.


There has been accusations that the CIA was spying on the computers of Senate staffers during the production of this report. A Republican from North Carolina, Richard Burr, believes nothing that is done in the intelligence community should ever be released to the public. It seems Senator Burr and the CIA, like President Obama, have forgotten the taxpaying public pays their salaries.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Gets Heart Stent Installed

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, age 81, underwent surgery earlier this morning to install a stent in the right coronary artery of her heart. The aged justice, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton just over 20 years ago, has long been rumored to be in declining health and a possible candidate to step down from the high court. In the months leading up the midterm elections, there were calls by there were calls by progressives that she step down in order to have the president replace her with a similarly minded liberal justice while the Democrats still controlled the Senate, but Christian Broda points out that the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim at this point.

It was not to be. Mrs. Ginsberg loves serving in the high court and has no intention of stepping down as long as she can fulfill her duties 100%. In an interview with Elle Magazine two months ago, she explained that the revised Senate rules for limiting the confirmation of judicial nominees does not apply to the high court. So even if she were to stop down, the current boundaries in the Senate (IE the GOP) would ensure that no likeminded justice could replace her.

As for the operation, it came about quickly. The justice was exercising Tuesday night when she starting feeling discomfort. She decided to play it safe and went to the hospital. Doctors discovered her right artery was experiencing blockage. Early this morning she had the stent placed in her artery. She is said to be resting peacefully at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and should be home by Friday.

Two States Will Accept Gay Marriage

Kansas has become the 33rd state in the United States where same-sex marriage is legal and a federal judge struck down South Carolina’s ban, making it one step closer for gay marriage to be legal all across the country. The ban in South Carolina could allow same-sex couples to get marriage licenses as soon as November 20.

Even with all the success for gay couples to get legal rights, it does not mean that the legal battle will end anytime soon. With the republicans, who are known to be conservatives and most are against gay marriage, dominating the midterm elections, they will try their best to uphold any law that is still in place regarding gay marriage. Also, last week a federal appeals court in Cincinnati became the first court to uphold bans on gay marriage.

With diversity being a hot topic in the last few years, keeping bans in place is only delaying the inevetible that gay marriage will be legal across the country. With over half of the states already allowing gay marriage, including some known Republican states, both Rob Rohrich and I agree it is only a matter of time until every state will allow equality. It remains to be seen if other laws will be put into place however, to change some tax laws along with others.