Dr Jennifer Walden Takes Cosmetic Surgery to New Heights

Jennifer Walden, a renowned cosmetic surgeon, is undoubtedly one of the finest in the country. With decades of experience in the field and a robust education, Walden has made a name for herself in multiple states. Walden’s accolades are stretched across nearly thirty years. The salutatorian of her class, there was almost never a point in time in which Walden wasn’t at the forefront of cosmetic surgery. Board certified and a member of dozens of committees across the country, Walden’s connections and professional qualifications are nothing if not comprehensive. Since starting in the field, Walden has also accrued tens of prestigious awards.

The quality of Walden’s work can’t be questioned. Having moved from New York to Austin, Texas, Walden has had a vast and varied clientele. And having only been in the city for a short period, Walden has been featured three years running in Austin’s ‘Texas Super Doctors.’ Walden’s professional operation, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centers, has seen immediate success in a fiercely competitive scene. What this translates to is Walden’s body of work speaking for itself, and patients being so immensely satisfied that word of mouth acted as effective advertising.

As if Walden wasn’t impressive enough, she has another impressive qualification: her gender. As a female, Walden stands out as a successful female surgeon in a male dominated field. With patients being mostly female, this means that Walden has unique insight to their needs. By being able to empathize with their insecurities and expectations, Walden can craft an unrivaled experience. What is in most scenarios a cold and unpleasant experience, Walden makes the process warm and comforting by way of sheer charisma. For anyone considering cosmetic surgery, Jennifer Walden may, in fact, be the finest choice available.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Multifaceted Surgeon

Jennifer L Walden is a profound cosmetic surgeon. Her excellency has greatly improved the lives of her patients and clients. With that being said, Dr. Walden is the go person in cosmetic surgery. Within moments of meeting her, you will know she is different. In fact, Dr. Walden uses the best technology available for her patients. Considering this to be conventional wisdom, she is able to draw better results than her competitors. In addition, her competitors pale in comparison when is comes to cosmetic surgery and using the proper technique.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman of many trades. Aside from plastic surgery, Dr. Walden is an outspoken media commentator. Dr, Walden’s career in the field began under the guidance of Dr. Sherrell Aston. By most accounts, Dr. Sherrell Aston was her mentor. Her first endeavor in the field was located in Manhattan. She worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Also, Dr. Walden is no stranger to making appearances on television. In fact, Dr. Walden has been featured on several new outlets. This includes several new outlets such as ABC News, Fox News, VH1, and so forth.


In addition, Dr. Walden has dabbled in the world of books, by co-authoring the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbooks. He long history of success is evident. With that being said, she is an inspiration for women from all walks of life. Like most people, Dr. Walden comes from humble beginnings. She was born in Austin, Texas to a dentist and a surgical nurse.

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Jennifer Walden Empowering Women through Plastic Surgery

Women are not left behind and are even dominating the medical world. Jennifer Walden is among the few medical experts who have conquered the world of medicine in the United States. He is among the top female plastic surgeons in Austin, Texas. Jennifer grew up in a medical family, her father was a dentist while her mother was a surgical nurse. After her graduation from Anderson High School, Walden went to further her studies at the University of Texas, where she did her undergraduate Degree in Biology. Jennifer later went to a Medical School at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Dr. Jenifer Walden is among the few certified plastic surgeon doctors who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Jennifer, who can be described as a go-getter relocated her plastic surgeon business to Austin from New York City in order to give her twins proper attention when raising them. Her desire is to promote beauty among the women in the world and she is an energetic member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She does her work in a professional way as she is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and also she is a member of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Walden is also a leader who has vast experience in the medical industry. She serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Before she moved to Austin, Texas, Ms. Walden was serving in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat as well as Lenox Hills Hospital. Walden established her own business which she operates at Westlake Medical Centre, a surgical clinic known as the Walden Cosmetic Surgical Center. She has one of the most devoted and committed teams of professionals who have always ensured that they deliver the unique and quality services to their customers. The team of experts ensures that their patients get proper care and safety.

Dr. Jenifer Walden has had privileges working in various Medical Institutions including, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Seton Hospital, and Westlake Medical Centre. Walden specializes on women’s issues as she believes they contribute more to their empowerment throughout their lives. Recently Jennifer was recognized by Bazaar Magazine as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.

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Female Plastic Surgeon Balances Work and Home: Dr. Waldren

Dr. Jennifer Waldren grew up in a home that inspired her to work in the medical field. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse, so she understood the demands of the job and the needs of patients from an early age. This Austin native has worked hard to become one of the best female plastic surgeons in the business. Professionally and publicly, she has been acclaimed as one of the best in the business.


Starting out in Texas, she received her formal education and training at the University of Texas. Jennifer Walden then moved to Manhattan to complete her fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital under Dr. Sherrell Aston. From there, she began her own practice where she was highly successful. Through her cutting edge technology and research, she served her patients and their needs with passion and care.


Her desires to have a family inspired her to move back home. She knew that she must have a resource to help balance the demands of a family and her career. So she moved her practice back to Austin to be near her family to raise her twin sons. Such a move required her to rebuild her practice, which was not easy. The acclaimed surgeon was able to do so and found herself balancing family and work easily. She was able to retain the high quality of care her patients were used to and be present for her young sons as well. She truly is the woman who was able to have it all.