Sergio Cortes and the Art of Impersonation

This world has millions of musicians. Some lucky ones get to make a career out their music. Even fewer get a shot at a successful music career. Of them, however, only a few become musical icons that define an age. For many people, an example of such an icon is none other than the legendary Michael Jackson. People remember Michael Jackson for more than just his music.

It is said that the most sincere form of flattery is impersonation. In the world of Michael Jackson fans, one of the best known impersonators is Sergio Cortes. Born in Barcelona and currently based in Brazil, Sergio Cortes has loved Michael Jackson since he was a young boy. Since then, he has become well known in South America and around the world for his impersonation shows. He is currently working on a show titled “Human Nature Live Show” that will be mostly in Italy. The show will focus mainly on well known and beloved classics by the King of Pop.

Impersonating such a well known icon is much harder than it sounds. Sergio Cortes needed to study the movement of Michael Jackson for years in order to perfect intricacies in dances such as the moonwalk. In the same way that Daniel Day Lewis is known for staying in character even off of the film set when he is filming a movie, Sergio Cortes also had to really become Michael Jackson in order to achieve the level of perfection that he has in his impersonations.

Another obviously important part of the Michael Jackson impersonation is the singing. Sergio Cortes has had to master the original artist’s vocal quality and range. This alone was a tall feat. Many across the world have said, however, that Cortes is one of the closest impersonators that has ever lived.

For many who have grown up loving the singer and icon Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes brings back fond memories with his performances. Although Sergio Cortes does much of his performing in South America, his touring locations have expanded since his reputation has grown. That is excellent for the many people around the world who love Michael Jackson.

Not everyone gets to become a legendary pop icon. For impersonators like Sergio Cortes, it is simply enough to walk in his childhood idol’s shoes. Not only are Sergio Cortes’ impersonations intricate and artful, but they are a great way to remember the King of Pop.