A Walk through Sheldon Lavin’s Past To OSI Group, LLC

Just like any other success story, Sheldon Lavin did not have it all in the palm of his hand, it was a series of endless struggles and working tirelessly. The meat industry hadn’t been his first business. With the knowledge he acquired from the school of accounting and finance, Sheldon had started off as an investor and executive in Chicago banking with a consulting firm over finances. His job at the meat industry was rather a part time job. Click Here to Read More.

It had all began in 1970 where his consulting firm had provided service for Otto and sons. The company had gotten the opportunity to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s, but it needed to secure some cash for the whole process to be a success. The bank requested Lavin to have an ownership position in Otto and Sons, but he made a different proposal that he would act as a consultant for the Otto family. With time, he had made more interaction with the company and was invested in its global expansion. Thus, they made him a partner. He gradually went up to his current position where he turned to become a full-time partner. Learn More .

The company believed that with Lavin on board with them, his aggressive determination would take the business to greater lengths. The expansion went through North America, Europe, South America, and later to Taiwan. Later on, Lavin got half control of the OSI group when one of the original partners betrayed the company. Also, when another partner retired, Lavin’s charisma got him all votes to have complete control over the entire organization. This made him Chairman and CEO of the OSI group.

With all this faith in him, he had never been any less determined to make something greater of what the company originally was. He was for diversity that led to him expanding to the Philippines, deeper to Asian countries, Australia, and South Africa.

Despite his old age, he still has a youthful heart and constant energy in him. Nothing seems to stop him from getting his mission done. The 81-year-old comments on how much pride he has over how well the company has done over the years. Mr. Lavin has received the Global Visionary award that was presented to him by India Vision World Academy in recognition for his incredible efforts.

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