A Guide to a Solid Online and Offline Better Reputation

A person is little more than the reputation he or she has with others. A reputation defines an individual and does either helpfully or cruelly. Forbes has published a solid article that details ten different steps that are deemed advisable to anyone hoping to improve a reputation.

The advice in the Forbes article is very simple to understand, but not always simple to put into practice. The article advises people to always meet their commitments, to be punctual, help others and make them look them best, dress for success, always maintain high levels of integrity, apply positive body language, be a pillar to the community, and always remain a likeable person.

All of these steps are going to yield good results. What they won’t do is improve bad things published in the search engines. Troubles with the search engines are going to require the help of a solid company such as Better Reputation. Better Reputation is a firm that seeks to make Google and the other search engines work for someone’s benefit and cause no harm.

The search engines are somewhat akin to a consumer profile. The listings in the search engine are more than just a directory of websites. A quick scan of the text in the listings tells people skimming the results a lot about the people and businesses behind the websites. Not everything listed in the search engines is going to reflect glowing commentary. Horrible reviews, snarky commentary, and attempts to harm a brand are sometimes packed into the first ten results. To say this is going to have a negative impact on a would-be patron falls under the category of major understatement.

Trying to fix the search engines by oneself is a bad idea. Only someone with legitimate skills and knowledge is going to be able to have a legitimate effect on a person or business’ reputation. Better Reputation is home to the skilled professionals who are able to make necessary fixes. The work may be intensive, but the effort is more than capable of delivering the necessary results.

And a good reputation ends up in tact.

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