What Has Helped Cotemar Remain at the Helm of the Mexican Oil Industry?

Cotemar is a Mexican oil and gas service provider. The company was founded in 1979 with a mission to offer offshore services through the implementation of industry-leading technologies. Cotemar uses specialized vessels to provide safety and quality that go beyond the expectations of the clients.


Services Offered By Cotemar


Cotemar provides services through three major departments. The first unit, the Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering aims at innovating and modernizing offshore rigs and processing centers. The second department, Accommodation, and Catering offer offshore laundry services, bedding services, and eatery. The third department, Specialized Maritime Vessels services, provides personnel transport, fire fighting services, lightweight materials and towing vessels.


Working at Cotemar


Working at Cotemar provides you with a unique experience. The company is committed to seeing its employees strengthen their skills. The firm believes that its success is pegged on the excellence and motivation of their employees and strengthening them will enhance its productivity. At Cotemar, tools have been put in place to develop skills of the employees, particularly on safety related issues. Cotemar has also contracted other international firms to offer specialized development lessons to their employees. Those aspiring to work with Cotemar have a reason to smile because the company offers internships programs with colleges and universities.


Cotemar’s Sustainability Scheme


The oil industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This means that without proper sustainability schemes a company can fall overnight. Cotemar has put in place several sustainability concepts to ensure that they remain relevant and competitive. Their sustainability plan is pegged down in four concepts.


  1. Community: The community is an essential part of Cotemar. The firm strives every dawn to ensure that the company remains relevant to the community. They do so by strengthening the business social value through job creation, supporting social and institutional programs as well as promoting culture and health.


  1. The quality of life: In the quest to maintain its position in the industry, the firm highly depends on its employees. The company thus motivates the employees and integrates them and their families to get the sense of belonging. Cotemar does this through equity programs, health, education, sports and industrial safety.



  1. Business ethics: Clients are an integral part of the company. Therefore, Cotemar strives to ensure transparency and uphold the values of the enterprise, which are based on social, economic and environmental commitment.


  1. Environment: Cotemar appreciates a healthy environment. The company carries out awareness schemes aimed at reducing the adverse effects on the environment.