Cotemar Mexico’s Wonderful Services & Work Opportunities

Cotemar’s Services

Cotemar has been in the oil industry services for over 38 years. Since its launching, Cotemar has provided services with the use of specialized vessels to PetrĂ³leos Mexicanos and in offshore oil fields.

They use three strategic lines which group top notch, specialized services in accordance to the corresponding division. These three strategic lines include modernization, construction, and maintenance and engineering. They focus on the innovation and modernization of their customers’ processing centers and platforms within offshore installations ranging from prefabrication and assembly to the service lines and equipment. This is done with the dynamic, semi-submersible, positioning platforms’ support that can move swiftly between complex systems to offer the best service.

With their marine and specialized support boats, Cotemar offers the transportation of food, light materials, and personnel. They also have fire-fighting tow ships, barges, and tow ships to transport big structures. All of their vessels have monitoring and inspection of their operational critical variables to ensure safety of the personnel and facilities that operate these variables.

With the food and lodging, these services are provided on the coast in their platforms and boats. These services consist of washing and ironing, food preparation, bedding services, and cleaning of common areas in each room. With their suppliers, they keep great relations with them by developing access where they can find the necessary updated information and consultation generated for fulfilling each supplier’s purchasing cycles. Cotemar also gives a complete brochure that will give more details of all the services they offer for one’s perusal.

Working at Cotemar

Many employees of Cotemar like working for them. They like how the company offers a pleasant work environment by ensuring that there is a great limitation of accidents. Also, the employees like how committed the company is to them and the excellent lodging and food they offer. Many reviews expressed how the company is reliable and responsible to their employees, and they liked that they provide great off days to them.

Their employees are trained on safety and work, and the company equips them with skills on being responsible at work. Cotemar takes pride in that their strength lies in the commitment and experience of all their employees, and they take care of them. Cotemar has training programs and current positions opened.