Nicki Minaj Impersonates Beyonce

In a serious effort to promote the new “PinkPrint” album, Nicki Minaj was in rare form on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. It definitely distracted me from my Qnet shopping. She performed 3 songs and appeared in a variety of different sketches. Her most talked about impersonation was that of Beyonce. It is what people are talking about at the water cooler after the work week starts up again. 

It may have been extra easy for Nicki Minaj to mimic Beyonce because she has worked with the star. Before the “Flawless” remix it was obvious that Nicki was a big fan of Beyonce. There is no doubt that she studied Beyonce on and off stage. This is what allowed Nicki to bring forth such a spot-on impression of the pop superstar. 

Nicki also did a Kim Kardashian impression, but more people are raving about her Beyonce voice more than anything else. People that have listened to Beyonce off stage are keenly aware of how mellow she is. It also seems unbelievable to think that the same powerhouse singer that delivers with so much intensity is so subdued off stage. She appears to be something of a split personality that has this sort of power that she can unleash at will while on stage. Nicki channeled this calm side of Beyonce. 

It really is the year of Nicki Minaj. Her performance on the show went well and this leads to greater exposure.

Rock or Bust at the Rock

Australian rock group AC/DC will stop at nothing to create their first great rock album in 6 years, and go on another world tour. Not the debilitating illness of founding member and rhythm guitar player Malcolm Young, and not even the arrest of drummer Phil Rudd.

And now, to generate excitement about the release of their new album, Rock or Bust, they are launching a premier of the album in a small Australian town called The Rock. This premier will literally be the 11-track album playing the whole way through without the band members in attendance. And this will be the public’s first opportunity to hear the album, 9 days before its official release. Too bad we can’t make it out to the show Fersen Lambranho.

Not only is it fantastic for the lucky locals of The Rock who get to hear the long-awaited AC/DC album first, but Lockhart Shire Council’s Tourism and Economic Development officer, Jennifer Connor claims that this event will put the town on the map.