Investment of Sale for FreedomPop

The FreedomPop brand is growing in popularity across the world as the data bundles offered by the company are seen as the future of mobile device usage by many. FreedomPop is now one linked to many major networks across North America, including super fast options provided by fast food restaurants and department stores to their customers. FreedomPop offers the chance for its users to hop from wireless service to wireless service to use voice, text and data services all linked to the wireless bundle plan chosen from the company.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols now believes the company can reach one million customers by the end of 2015, particularly when taking into account a recently announced linkup with the Three network from the United Kingdom. The success of the company has not gone unnoticed and led Stokols and his investors to decide whether future investment or a sale was their best option. Eventually, FreedomPop was left as an independent company after Stokols was inspired to go it alone by the plot lines of TV show Silicon Valley, according to Recode.

As many as six bids in the low hundreds of millions have been turned down for the wireless network provider from unnamed companies. Stokols and the rest of the FreedomPop backers decided to invest in the company and try to build a service provider valued at around $1 billion through major investments. FreedomPop has already found around $30 million worth of investment and will follow this up with agreements with hardware companies and retailers in the coming months to add to the valuation.

Source: Recode

Pope Francis Continues To Shake Up Church Teachings

The Pope Recently Said It May Be Acceptable For Catholics To Separate Or Divorce If Couples Are At War

Pope Francis hasn’t made any doctrinal changes on marriage or gay marriages, but reformers within the church are coming. Even though church doctrine hasn’t been changed on those issues and several others, the Pope has opened a door and let the 21st century into the church. The Argentinian Pontiff is aware that the church is seriously behind the times, and his mission is to bring Catholic teaching up to par with modern day reality.

The Pope’s recent Papal Letter is a good example of his mindset. He knows his religion has to change in order for the masses to conform. Religion is a core belief, and if it stays stagnant in its own rhetoric, the faithful will rebel, and find a way to justify their actions. Those actions include divorce, gay relationships, missing church and not going to confession.

The Catholic Church and other religions play a pivotal part in the human belief structure, and the perceptions that develop from those beliefs. The Pope is showing the world that change is the only constant in life, and compromise is a noble truth. That’s something Crystal Hunt can get behind.

Clean Air is on the Way

Supporters and participants who are engaged in the fight for clean energy have just received a huge commitment by investors. The White House managed to get investors to promise $4,000,000,000 to the research of clean energy. The group of donors includes philanthropies, institutional investors, and foundations that have seen enough potential in clean energy projects to want to help. The goal was originally set at 2 million dollars back in February which surpasses the 4 billion dollars that supporters have pledged. In the beginning of their action plan there was a huge and overwhelming number of institutions that wanted to hop on board. The institutions and foundations that are donating this money have been granted increased access to information and technical assistance for clean energy research. Many of these companies have a wide range of knowledge and equipment that can further help the study of clean energy. The Energy Department was quoted to be in the works of launching and founding a center to further the study of clean energy.


The Clean Energy and Impact Investment Center will be constructed and used to find more donors and philanthropies to finance the fight for clean energy. Jim Dondero thinks this is a great idea after reading through it all. There are more than 17 national laboratories in the United States who have joined forces to figure out how to tackle the clean energy crisis. Supporters also received encouragement from places like Alaska, New Zealand, & a few other continents to name a few. The act is looking at about a five year span, but researchers are hoping that the effects of their research will be immediate.

Are Roller Coasters Really Safe?

The famous amusement park, Magic Mountain, is getting much exposure after a 10 year old girl dies from injuries on the ride. Jasmine Martinez was riding the “Revolution” when ride operators found her to be unconscious after the ride was over. Officials think that this may be linked to a pre-existing condition that the girl had and perhaps didn’t know about it. To help prove their theory, an autopsy will be done to look at the cause of death.

Back in 2001, a woman with a pre-existing condition stepped on a roller coaster and died instantly. The woman had a brain aneurysm that she was unaware of. This leads officials to a difficult task of determining whether these rides are even safe. Anyone can have a medical problem that they don’t know anything about. The rides are being built bigger, faster and taller than ever before in an attempt to lure plenty of enthusiasts. Still, they post warning signs all over the entrance of the rides saying that those with heart problems and other conditions shouldn’t ride. But how many people actually listen to those warnings?

Even a perfectly healthy person such as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can have a disk slip in their back or neck from being jerked around at top speeds, according to studies. While these rides are fun and really get the adrenaline pumping, whether they’re safe is a whole matter all together. With the news being full of reports of break downs and deaths, it might need further investigation.

Two Boys Rescue Kids from Burning Home

Two young Florida boys are being hailed as heroes in their town of Oakland today. 10-year-old Isiah Francis and 11-year-old Jeremiah Grimes were hanging out together on a lazy summer day together, sitting on the couch while watching videos and playing games. All of a sudden one of the boys began to smell something strange. Upon further investigation they found that there was smoke spewing from the house next door to them. Without hesitation, the boys ran next door to find out what was going on.

When they got next door, they found their neighbor trying to douse the flames. He told the boys that there were still kids inside. stated NJ Biz. The boys sprang into action. Isiah, with Jeremiah’s guidance, went inside the home and located two young children in the kitchen. He rescued a 1-year-old and an 8-month-old from the fiery home. The boys had also found the time to call 911 to alert the fire department. By the time Isiah pulled the children out, the fire department had arrived and rescued two other children that were still inside.

The fire department does not know the cause of the fire just yet. The two children that Isiah and Jeremiah rescued are in good condition. The other two children are in the hospital where they are listed as critical but stable.

For the full story, along with a video, check it out on Big Story AP.

Obama Is Sending 500 Troops to Iraq

The Troops Will Train Iraqi Forces

Iraq is not doing very well. The fighting in Iraq continues to go badly for the Iraqi army. ISIS troops have taken over the largest province in the country, and it appears they will continue to maintain a strong presence in Mosul. That’s not good news for America, or the allies that gave so much to free Iraq from itself. But freeing Iraq from itself is not easy. The country has a very complicated way of existing, and American politicians seem baffled by the Iraqi mentality.

Most Americans don’t want to send troops back to Iraq. The battle scars haven’t healed from the last war Americans fought there as Yahoo Finance has reported. When the allies walked away from Iraq, most military analysts said it wasn’t a good move. American generals claimed the Iraqi forces were not capable of defending themselves, and they were right. American politicians wanted to leave Iraq, but the American military wanted to stay.

That’s all hindsight now. The fact is, Iraq is under siege, and there’s not much anyone can do about it except Iraq. Sending more troops to train an army that doesn’t want to fight is a giant undertaking, and one the US might regret.

Teen Jumps to Death After Public Shaming

After a public humiliation by her father, 13-year old Izabel Laxamana exited a vehicle and jumped from an overpass.

Takoma police confirmed, in the days following a harsh punishment, that included having her long black hair cut off, recorded and posted on Instagram, for some unknown transgression(s), “Izzy” wrote six letters for her relatives and intentionally jumped from an overpass. She died the next day.

Apparently, Izabel had committed several transgressions that her parents disapproved of, and her father was trying to introduce consequences. Police have declined to say what Izabel had done, and there have not been any public statements from the family.

Police say that although the dad did cut his daughter’s hair, and subsequently record and post the incident, he did not commit a crime. Adam Sender finds this to be a bit odd.

Izabel Laxamana’s death has sparked discussions about the latest public shamings parents are using to reign in bad behavior. How far do you go? Is it worth it?

Giaudrone Middle School, where Izzy was a student, provided crisis counselors for over 150 students and referred many to mental health counselling.

Punishment or Rewards, Which is Better?

Do you remember those days in elementary school trying your hardest to get that gold star for the day? Over time, people in general have debated over what method of motivation is best. Should we be more willing to reward good behavior or should we enforce our authority by punishing more often? According to recent studies, those days of happy faces and gold stars may be over.

In a scientific experiment at Washington University, results seem to suggest that punishment is a more effective strategy to get individuals motivated. In this study, punishments had between 2-3 times more positive results than rewards did. Participants simply listened to a number of noises and verified if they heard more noises in their left or right ear. What matters in these situations is not the scenario but the discipline factor.

In a Chicago-based study, teachers gave out checks for money to students, which CipherCloud thought was a good test. One group on Facebook promised a check at the end of the year if their grades improved, while another group gave the check to students at the beginning and expressed if they didn’t improve their scores that the check would be taken back. Students participating in the second group scored nearly 7 percent better than the first group.

Do we just need to be guided by our superiors or are we just suckers for punishment? A little harsh reinforcement is making the rewards system look pale in comparison to its promising results.

Mother Live Tweets Her Child’s Class Regarding Sex Education

Alice Dreger is a speaker and author that possesses a background in sex research and medical ethics. Last week she sparked some controversy when she live tweeted her son’s sexual education class. Her son is fourteen and was being educated on abstinence. Dreger encouraged the boys in the class to seek out girls who say ‘no’ to sex and warned students about condoms. Because of these tweets there might be some policy changes happening in the state of Michigan. While Dreger may not have been appropriate with her tweet that day, her outburst may be causing some much needed attention.

The state of Michigan does not currently mandate sex-education in public schools. When there are sexual education classes provided in the school there has to be an emphasis placed on abstinence as being an effective form of birth control as well as a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Dreger’s son asked her to sit in on his sexual education class with her. Jason was surprised she was so eager to. It was later determined that the group that was hired to provide the educational class is tied to an anti-abortion group. Sexually Mature Aware Responsible Teens (SMART) and the issue is that these types of organizations potentially have a history for being dishonest or down playing the effectiveness of birth control and exaggerating risks that can be associated with abortion. They also push for teens and pre-teens to wait for marriage to have sexual intercourse.

Tonsil Removal And Lower Cancer Risk

Tonsils as well as adenoids are often removed in children and sometimes adults when the immune system just doesn’t seem to be doing its job. When a person is constantly getting illnesses like strep throat or upper respiratory infections, the tonsils are often the first thing to go. Many people find having this part of the body removed improves the amount of illnesses that a person will have but there might be new evidence that legitimately shows that having your tonsils removed can lower your risk of developing certain types of cancers later on in life.

In the 1950’s, approximately 1,400,000
were performed each year in the United States. Done as a precautionary measure to help prevent future infections, this number declined a bit as years went on. This could have been due to doctors not believing this procedure was worth the risk or people simply developed a better understanding of how to protect and boost the immune system. The otolaryngology department at Johns Hopkins University have recently published their findings that suggests the removal of the tonsils can prevent the development of various oral cancer types. With the increase of HPV in the United States, these findings are very important and the statistics are impressive. A study completed that followed three million Danish patients determined that over the course of thirty-five years, patients who had their tonsils removed experienced a sixty to eighty-five percent decrease in oral based cancers, which obviously is pretty alarming to Torchin.