Joseph Bismark: Shares His Fountain of Wisdom

The blissful aura that pervades Joseph Bismark is due to great success with his founding of the Group and as the Managing Director of Q1. His leadership has resulted in exponential growth for the Group. He attributes his success to his close adherence to the Vedic Philosophies. He is also a Yogi and spends each day doing Yoga Asanas which are poses such as Downward Facing Dog and Warrior Poses to name only two of many. From Singapore he works to shape his way to success and keep the company he leads moving in that direction.

There is certainly a lot of pressure for anyone in a leadership role such as that of Joseph Bismark. He heads up multinational company that has made landmark success on MLM and Internet Marketing in the rapidly expanding e-Commerce industry. Since the end of 2008, he has worked hard on restructuring the Q1 Group so that its revenues have become a major boon for the e Market giant. His ideas for its complete reorganization were born from great clear thinking and healthy living. Always full of talent and versatility, the leadership given by Bismark is inspirational. He is a living example of someone who is living up to his greatest potential.

He is a complete yogi with his diet as a vegetarian. He enjoys sharing his daily routine with others and fully believes that we should all “immerse ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can.” He also believes that each spirit soul has something great to contribute. Bismark works hard to set an example for those around him as he loves to use his brain in Luminosity, a web based application that gives the synapses a work out. This helps to sharpen mental awareness and possibly avoid the dreaded Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases of aging.

Walking the walk and talking the talk is what Joseph Bismark is all about. Being a yoga master, he loves to share his knowledge and keep learning more about yoga. He instructs at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga aside from managing a global e-Commerce company, Q1, which is a front runner in that industry in the Asia Pacific Rim.

There are many tips that one can take away from learning about the habits of a successful person. Following in the foot steps of Joseph Bismark will surely yield some great results. Meditation has aided him in his sharpness of mind. Although there are many types meditations, there are particular mantras and bhajans that Bismark uses and enjoys sharing with others.

Source: Reuters