Expect More Avengers: Age of Ultron Footage

When a trailer leaked for Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, many expected that was the most we would see of the movie for some time. However, Marvel has confirmed that there will be more Age of Ultron footage in the coming weeks. Footage from the movie is set to air on ABC during the next two episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

By linking the Age of Ultron footage to Agents of SHIELD, Marvel is attempting to prop up a show that has been wavering over the past few weeks. Agents of SHIELD has undoubtedly improved from its freshman episodes, but it has not grabbed viewers in the way that Marvel expected.

The show is not in danger of being cancelled any time soon, but Marvel would like the ratings to be higher. Adding footage from their upcoming Avengers movie seems a great way to get people to tune in.

Marvel had originally planned to air the full two and a half minutes Avengers trailer during Agents of SHIELD, but that plan was ruined by the trailer leaking online. They will compensate for his with new footage, which is expected to be a minute or two at most.

After the success of the first Avengers movie, Marvel had a licensed to up the ante for the sequel. Expect the movie to be around two hours of non stop action and drama and Jared Haftel and I can’t wait! Along with being a great movie, Age of Ultron should set the scene for future Marvel movies.