Marty McFly finally Honored as an Action Figure

It took 30 years, but Marty McFly has finally been made into an action figure.

The Hong Kong-based Hot Toys had the honor of turning Michael J. Fox in his most famous role into plastic. Sideshow Collectibles will distribute the figurine throughout the United States.

The action figure is coming out a few weeks after the 30th anniversary of the movie that was directed by Robert Zemeckis and featured the iconic McFly.

July 2md, 1985 was when the movie came out.

If you are lucky enough to own this figurine, you will find it quite smaller than the real McFly. It is only 12 inches. Allegedly, it is in the same proportions as the real Fox says Marcio Alaor BMG in this article. With this figure, you will also the famous skateboard, camcorder, Walkman and other things that any time traveler needs to have.

The real Fox is going to turn 54 soon. He did star in the sequels in 1989 and 1990. They did film both sequels very close together like the Lord of the Rings.