Lime Crime Makeup Is For Unicorns

Russian-born entrepreneur, Doe Deere grew up in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of the popular Lime Crime line of makeup. The product line has been cruelty-free since its inception in 2008 and many of the products were also Vegan. In 2012 the company reformulated the remainder of the products to meet Vegan standards.

Lime Crime makeup entrepreneur Doe Deere began experimenting with makeup when she was only nine years old. Dressed to conjure spirits at a slumber party she wanted her face to look dark and mysterious too. She applied dark pink eye shadow to her eyes and brown lipstick to her lips in order to fully play her spiritual role. It was at this time she discovered her artistic talent and developed a sense of authenticity.

She continued experimenting with makeup into her 20s and took a keen interest in theatrical makeup brands and posted herself sporting the makeup online. This journey of self-discovery led to a huge following of girls and young women curious about the makeup diva and her outrageous style. She calls her followers her unicorns because she feels it takes a special kind of person to wear the shades of makeup she produces for Lime Crime. They have to be comfortable in their own skin and love color, just like a unicorn.

She created the name Lime Crime in 2004 for her eBay store. She felt it was fun, colorful and revolutionary. While having an internet based company has its advantages as well as its challenges, Doe enjoys and appreciates the immediate feedback she receives on social media.

Doe is especially proud of her image on the cover of Self-Made Magazine with other successful females such as Arianna Huffington with the Huffington Post. She is doing something she loves and is successful at it. Doe is a wonderful role model for young girls who want to pursue what they love doing.