Los Angeles Clears out Schedule for Kevin Love

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a pretty nifty position right now. The team is coming off of one of the worst seasons in franchise history, headlined by yet another Kobe Bryant injury, and they have a ton of cap space to spend up for some free agents. Marquee free agents are aware that Kobe has precious little time left in the NBA as a game changing guard but that he is still cerebral enough to be a positive player for the next couple of years. So potential free agents will have to share the headlines with Bryant, which might rub some players the wrong way. Hopefully Kevin Love doesn’t care.

The Lakers have already put in calls to all of the big names that are available. Los Angeles has already met with LaMarcus Aldridge and they have meetings planned with Tobias Harris, Dwyane Wade, Greg Monroe, and hope to woo Mar Gasol before he commits to signing back with the Grizzlies. Though the gold and purple won’t say it, their focus probably should be on Kevin Love.

Love has remained committed to the idea of going back to Cleveland but there is a crack in his resolve says Handy in this article. His first year with the Cavs highlighted a ton of issues with how he fit on the roster. Love will be sacrificing money and big numbers just to play for a title with LeBron. L.A. could possibly offer him the best of both worlds.