The Ancient Mystical Practices of Kabbalah

Some time ago the superstar Madonna expressed her newfound interest in the mystical Jewish tradition called Kabbalah. The teachings of Kabbalah say that humans are on earth in order to do good deeds and to help each other. It teaches about living a life dedicated to the well-being of the soul and body. Kabbalah is a mystical tradition that has existed for more than five thousand years and is still very widely spread. Click Here for more news.

Many starts that are not of Jewish descent have been actively taking part and dedicating themselves to Kabbalah. Some of them include the late Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Davis, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and more. Madonna, in particular, founded a few Kabbalah centers and also made some heavy investments towards studying the mystical tradition of Kabbalah and educating herself further as well as other people. The late Sammy Davis turned to Kabbalah because he wanted to be a part of something spiritual that focuses on goodness and that will bring a lasting sense of fulfillment in his life. Some stars have not only been dedicated to the mysticism of Kabbalah but have also converted to being Jewish because of it. Kabbalah Centre at LinkedIn .

The reason for the fascination with Kabbalah lies in its teachings and the in the way that it has affected the lives of people. Some have shared that Kabbalah helped clear out most of the chaos in their lives, other have been able to get through of rough times by turning to Kabbalah. According to the site of the Kabbalah Center located in Los Angeles, the mystical teachings of the Jewish tradition Kabbalah is one that directs individuals towards a happier life. It helps create peace and joy, it contributes to clear one’s mind off of trivial and petty thoughts, and it also prompts individuals to focus on helping others. for more .


Why Many Non-Jewish Hollywood Entertainers are Seeking Comfort in Kabbalah

Madonna ignited hot debates in social media circles after she publicly revealed her interest in Kabbalah. Since then, several other Hollywood stars have followed her footsteps. These stars have justified their reasons for gaining interest in the Jewish mysticism.

Madonna’s deep interest in Kabbalistic wisdom drove her to unveil a few Kabbalah Centers and to invest greatly in studying and becoming proficient at the ancient Jewish Tradition. The Kabbalah wisdom has attracted globally celebrated stars like Sandra Bernhard, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, and the late Sammy Davis.

Reasons for practicing Jewish mysticism

Many Hollywood stars are developing a keen interest in Kabbalah wisdom to the point of practicing it. In a recent feature by the Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard revealed that Kabbalah had resolved about 80 percent of troubles and suffering in her life. Speaking to More Magazine of Great Britain, Paris Hilton said that studying and practicing Kabbalah enabled her to cope with her break-up. Hilton had an opportunity to share her break-up story with other students. Many celebrities have concurred with Paris Hilton’s views about Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Center has indicated on its website that Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom, which gives people practical tools for creating happiness and lifelong fulfillment in their lives.

An overview of the Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center is a large global organization devoted to spreading the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. The late Rav Yehuda Ashlag was responsible for launching the first center in 1922. The Kabbalah Center’s main agenda is to deliver tools and knowledge that people can use to make their lives better and remove suffering from the world. The organization is an international leader in the dissemination of Kabbalistic teachings.

The Kabbalah Center has built a strong presence on a global scale. It has 50 global locations and excess of 5,000 individuals receiving the teachings each week. It offers online learning platforms and physical locations that provide prayer services, downloads, lectures, CD’s & DVD’s, and books. Kabbalah borrows most of its teaching from the book of Zohar, which comprises of the sacred kabbalistic teachings and writings of the world’s best Kabbalists.