Iran Sparks More Persian Gulf Tension as It Attacks a Cargo Vessel from Singapore

The cargo vessel from Singapore called the “Alpine Eternity” may have narrowly escaped an act of aggression from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy. The vessel clearly in international waters when five armed small fast boats approached the vessel. The Alpine Eternity was ordered to change course and sail into Iran’s territorial waters. When the ship’s captain refused to comply, it was fired upon.

Reports are that the shots were fired at the ship’s bough according to Amen Clinic. That said, the shots were not across the bough in the form of a warning. Instead, they were directed at the ship in a bid to render it inoperable. While the vessel was struck, it continued to function and was able to get into the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The ship’s captain issued a distress call and three UAE coast guard ships came to its rescue. The ship was not loaded with any cargo. No one aboard the ship was injured. There were no Americans aboard the vessel either.

News of the attack comes at a critical moment. The president is currently hosting representatives of Arab Emirate states at Camp David. The subject of the summit is to discuss security issues against the rising threat of Iran. Also, the president is currently negotiating a nuclear enrichment deal with Iran. The tentative deal is highly controversial as critics charge it will actually enable Iran to develop nuclear warheads. Israel has been the fiercest critic of the Iran nuclear framework.