Jeffry Schneider’s Innovative Approach In Alternative Investment



Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital, LLC which is based in Austin. He has a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has held various positions in many successful companies. He has worked with paradigm global advisors and Axiom Capital Management. Schneider also held executive positions at Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney.


Current Position


Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital LLC more than five years ago. Under his capable leadership, the company has grown from around three employees to more than thirty. The company’s main objective is to raise funds for both established, as well as emerging alternative asset fund sponsors. To achieve this goal, Ascendant Capital works closely with a network of registered investment advisors, private banks, and broker-dealers. Also, the company implements innovative approach in financial structuring together with a diverse range of marketing, sales, and education.


Since the inception of Ascendant Capital, Jeffry and his team have managed to raise more than $1 billion on behalf of various managers. Ascendant Capital has achieved this capital by working with countless family offices and over 250 investment advisors. The capital that was raised was used to purchase investments such as auto dealerships, tech companies, and real estate. With its impressive growth curve, Ascendant Capital has no intention of stopping. Jeffry announced that the company intends to increase its growth by raising approximately $50 million every month.


Jeffry observes that the current state of the market calls for diversification of holdings through alternative investments. He further notes that in some of the smartest pool of money, the greatest allocation is given to alternative investments. He states that a significant portion of clients’ portfolio is allocated to alternative investments.


Ascendant Capital success is derived largely from its cultural values that are rooted in transparency and integrity. The organization encourages and promotes open dialogue among team members. The culture is extended externally to its clients, so as to ensure efficient service.


Personal lifestyle


Jeffry Schneider observes a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and staying fit. He has participated in several marathons and iron man. Also an avid traveler, Jeffry has explored, Asia, Europe, and South America among others. Jeffry is also involved in many humanitarian organizations like as Wonders and Worries, Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children.





Josh Verne And How To Handle Employees

One thing that being a business owner and an entrepreneur is going to teach people is that there are many different types of employees. Different employees walk into jobs with different goals. A lot of the times, the goals do involve making money. However, the best type of employee to have for any type of company is the employee who’s goals align with the goals of the company. Therefore, it is important for the employer to make sure that he has the top talent. However, there are times when the employer is going to have to let the employer go.


Josh Verne goes into it when it comes to dealing with the talent. One of the things that he makes clear to people is that if it is all about money, then he is going to let the person pursue what it is he is after. One thing that he doesn’t discuss with the others is the amount of pay. For one thing, people that are only concerned about money are not necessarily the best option for the business. However, they do put in a lot of good wok in some cases. Josh Verne is someone who understands that it is the person who is willing to work for him that is the best employee to keep around.


One thing that Josh wants to do is keep people on and include them in his journey as long as they want to continue on the journey. Josh Verne himself is on a journey. He considers himself as someone that is growing. Therefore, he is always willing to learn new things. At the same time, he is also considered to be really trustworthy because he wants to make sure that his employees are satisfied with the work that they do. He lets them in on the vision he has for his company.