White Shark Media Fixes Issues Related to Complaints

White Shark Media is competing for clients in the industry of pay per lick (PPC) management. Google and Bing AdWords provide a means for those with a limited budget to connect with customers online. White Shark Media hopes to help clients meet their conversion (website visitor sales) goals without overspending. White Shark Media has received positive reviews for the work performed. Not all customers, however, are 100% satisfied. They have logged complaints, and some of these complaints found their way to public forums.
White Shark Media is committed to provided the best possible service to customers. The firm is taking a direct approach to fixing the deficiencies some clients have logged.

Clients do want to stay in the loop regarding their AdWords campaigns. Complaints focusing on “losing touch” with the campaign were noted, and significant steps have been taken to address those concerns. The presentation of detailed reports is preceded by a very detailed explanation of what the campaign is going to entail. Since clients know what to expect, they do not feel lost about what is going on.

Improved communications usually does a lot to make client feel pleased about working with a particular service. White Shark Media has streamlined its entire communications systems, and made things a lot easier and more informative for clients. Search engine marketing specialists can be reached through direct extension. The presence of direct extensions in the phone system makes placing a call to the office a lot more productive.

There have been other improvements in the communications system developed since the company started. Through working with GoToMeeting, clients and company representatives can discuss progress reports through a secure online stream. Another partnership was formed with a company that handles telephone call tracking. This way, clients can determine which incoming sales inquiry calls are related directly to the AdWords campaign.

A segment of the clients are interested in search engine optimization services. White Shark Media prefers not to become involved with SEO work. The company does provide SEO evaluation. The evaluation can provide a client with food for thought in regards to what direction to take SEO work. If he/she is currently working with a SEO company, the evaluation could help the client address deficiencies or other issues with that company.

Youtube Reviews for White Shark Media have been mostly fair. Clients who work with the company have left positive reviews and testimonials about results. Good results indicate a decent amount of conversions combined with limited monetary expenditures. Clients do not want to spend too much money to procure a sale since this cuts down on profits. White Shark Media works hard to help clients achieve this most desirable outcome.