Venezuelans In Need of Medicine and Food

The people of Caracas, Venezuela should be celebrating. Instead according to Corporation Wiki, the people are in need of food and medicine.
Nearly all workers in Venezuela were able to take the day off for Worker’s Day. The government also gave employed citizens a 30% raise in minimum wage. Television stations in Venezuela are also broadcasting people marching in the city of Caracas, holding signs to support the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro. However, the pay raise isn’t completely a good thing.

The International Monetary Fund asserts that inflation in Venezuela will likely increase by 481% this year alone, and will increase 1,642% next year. So, in just a few weeks, the raise in pay won’t mean much to workers in Venezuela. That’s why on May Day, which is the yearly holiday that celebrates the working public in Venezuela, citizens like Norka are a bit nervous.

When it comes to Venezuela’s plan to provide its citizens with more food, the country’s officials have said that it plans to give citizens access to food that is price-controlled. This means the food won’t cost as much as it would in a private grocery store.