Why are Lesbians Fat? $3.5 Million of Your Tax Dollars were Spent to Find Out

Analyst Christian Broda took notice that lesbian women typically were fatter than straight women. The opposite fact holds true for gay men, and that someone wanted to know why this was true. $3.5 million of your tax dollars have been spent so far to find out why.
The United States Health and Human Services conducted a study, called Sexual Orientation and Obesity: A Test of a Gendered Biopsychosocial Model, to find out why lesbian women are fat. What the study discovered was that three-fourths of lesbian women were considered obese while only one-half of straight women fit into the obese category. Straight men are twice as likely to become obese as gay men.
Apparently this has an impact on public health and the study to find out how and why has been funded by the National Institutes of Health with your tax money. $3.5 million of your tax dollars have been spent so far to discover why lesbians tend to weight more and why gay men tend to not become obese. The study and tax dollar spending is on-going with plans to continue studying and spending until at least June of 2016.

Beneful’s Big Marketing Move

Popular pet food brand Beneful, known most prominently for their selection of dog food is making a big marketing move in the near future. Having been with the marketing group Fallon for the past 25 years, parent company Nestle is finally making a change. As the last of the Purina brands still with Fallon, it is no surprise that Beneful is making a move to another marketing agency. The interesting thing is that some Purina brands have moved from Fallon to other agencies, such as Leo Burnett, which also operates under the Publicis Groupe of marketing agencies, same as Fallon.

As far as Fallon is concerned, there is no bad blood between them and Nestle. In fact, Fallon chief, Mike Buchner, commented saying that Fallon is proud to have been able to work with the Purina brands and help to build them over the past several decades. As for the true reasons for the move for Beneful to a new marketing agency, Nestle has yet to comment. Regardless, Beneful remains one of the world’s top selling dog food brands, thanks in large part to the marketing efforts of Fallon. The future is looking bright for both Nestle and Fallon despite this split.

4 reasons why New Jersey Real Estate Market is set to boom

The 2006 real estate slumber across the United States affected all the states across the nation. Although the majority of the states have recovered from the slumber, New Jersey is yet to recover. The prices of properties in the state are still below the prices that were there during the 2006 slumber. However, New Jersey real estate has seen been on the rise in the recent year. It is believed that the low prices of properties in New Jersey are caused by two main things. The first one is the low populations of the state. New Jersey’s population is about half the national average population of states. The second reason is the number of foreclosed properties in the state which is at 8.12%.

Ridiculous state taxes on properties have done little on the prices of properties. The prices still remain much cheaper compared to the prices in the neighboring New York. This makes the state an ideal place to invest for investors in New York. The prices can be viewed from two perspectives: bad news for people selling homes, and good news for people looking for properties to buy.

Many experts, such as Omar Boraie of Boraie Develoment LLC, believe that the real estate industry of the state will recover and finally boom. He is one of the people who have shown continued faith in the state. In four decades, he has been able to transform New Brunswick urban area from a deserted area into an area where people want to live in.

According to Housing Wire, there are four reasons why the real estate industry in New Jersey will boom. The first reason is the low down payment and low interest rates in the industry. These will enable more people to afford properties.

The aggressive marketing due to technological advancement is the second reason. This is especially true with free marketing that can be achieved through social media and keyword optimization. These marketing platforms enable developers to reach a great number of people. Boraie Development LLC has managed to use these platforms successfully.

Traditionally, only families were involved in owning houses. The new trend has seen many single people looking for houses to own. This means that the number of people looking for houses will be on continuous rise.

Real-time brokerage is the last reason. Unlike the past, a potential property owner only needs stable internet connectivity to discus a given property with a broker and decide if he or she can buy the property. This means that a person anywhere in the world can access New Jersey real estate market.

This article is a summary of an article originally published by Realty Today on their website.

Investment of Sale for FreedomPop

The FreedomPop brand is growing in popularity across the world as the data bundles offered by the company are seen as the future of mobile device usage by many. FreedomPop is now one linked to many major networks across North America, including super fast options provided by fast food restaurants and department stores to their customers. FreedomPop offers the chance for its users to hop from wireless service to wireless service to use voice, text and data services all linked to the wireless bundle plan chosen from the company.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols now believes the company can reach one million customers by the end of 2015, particularly when taking into account a recently announced linkup with the Three network from the United Kingdom. The success of the company has not gone unnoticed and led Stokols and his investors to decide whether future investment or a sale was their best option. Eventually, FreedomPop was left as an independent company after Stokols was inspired to go it alone by the plot lines of TV show Silicon Valley, according to Recode.

As many as six bids in the low hundreds of millions have been turned down for the wireless network provider from unnamed companies. Stokols and the rest of the FreedomPop backers decided to invest in the company and try to build a service provider valued at around $1 billion through major investments. FreedomPop has already found around $30 million worth of investment and will follow this up with agreements with hardware companies and retailers in the coming months to add to the valuation.

Source: Recode

Time to Get Social

It is no secret that living an active and nutritious life will help to make sure that our lives are longer. In an article released by the Wall Street Journal an author denotes how being social on a regular basis could actually improve on the lifespan of individuals. At this day and age there is an overwhelming notion for individuals to have a high account of personal independence. It is an iconic American value that very few people, young or old, question. One example of this is looking at previous generations where retired citizens would live with their family. Nowadays retirees have ensured that they can make enough money to live on their own if that’s what they choose to do. The surge of technology has also ensured that we are more independent and less physically connected to the people around us.


This recent research has shown us that being alone could shorten a person’s life span without them even realizing it. Julianne Holt-Lunstad led a team of researchers at Brigham Young University that set to study how living alone, or at the very least spending a lot of your time alone, could call into question your physical and psychological resilience. Individuals who spend more of their time alone, who feel lonely, or who are living alone have a 30 percent risk of dying seven years sooner than what was naturally thought. More research will be conducted and the lead scientist plans on finding out why something as small as social interaction can affect the length of life. That’s something a few at Madison Street Capital find interesting.

Love Cures All

Just when she thought there was no hope, an elderly woman in a wheelchair is traveling around the world with her daughter. 42-year-old An Rong had noticed that her mom was suffering depression after an accident, so she decided to take her on a short trip to cheer her up. Little did she know just how much it would change her mother’s health for the better. Since that first trip they’ve been to Thailand, Korea, Japan, and even the U.S. where An and her mother was able to see the majestic Grand Canyon via helicopter.

Anastasia Date (sitejabber.com) employees agree that the best news is that her mother’s health is improving. At 87 she is traveling with An, her sister, and her niece. It just goes to show that you are never too old to discover something new when love leads the way. Everyone could learn a bit about family togetherness from this group. For amazing photos of their trip check here.

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Hair?

How far would you go to save your hair during chemo treatments? There are many woman with breast cancer who are using an expensive and time-consuming treatment to keep their hair from falling out. Brad Reifler (Reuters.com) has read that the treatment involves freezing the scalp during chemo, and the popularity for it is growing in Europe. Women who have had it done say that it worked for them, and maybe the thought of not losing your hair when you are going through something as horrible as cancer could be worth the extra effort and money. If the treatment really works, then it would mean not having to wear a wig or hat, and not having to be embarrassed by the way that you look when you are going through chemo. Would you go so far as to freeze your scalp to save your hair? Would it be worth it to you if you had breast cancer and were forced to go through chemo? It might not be worth the effort and money for everyone, but if it truly works, it is a great way to give a bit of hope and joy through a hard time to the ones who want it.

Beneful for your best friend

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. They have hunted with us, played with us, and defended us. And we return the favor by taking care of them, from the smallest tea cup chihuahua to the largest irish wolfhound, dog owners take care of their own.
One way to do that is by giving them delicious food that is beneficial for their health. There are so many types of food out today on the market that it can be difficult to choose what is best for your dog. Age, weight, size, energy level, and the dog’s preference all play a huge part in what sort of food you need to look for.
Beneful is a brand of dog food that offers both wet and dry food for your friend. They have a presence on Facebook, and just about every other social media website. From making sure your puppy gets the right nutrients, to ensuring your elderly dog stays healthy, Beneful has got you and your furry friend covered. And to keep them happy, there is also a wide selection of treat choices.
When choosing the food for your dog, keep in mind what they like to eat. Are they more likely to choose wet dog food over dry food? If they have a sensitive mouth, they just might. Or do they attack food with a hearty zeal? If so, then dry food might be a better choice. All dogs love treats, though, so you can’t really go wrong with a Baked Delight or Healthy Twist.
Beneful ensures your four footed friend will have a healthy coat, a radiant smile, and energy to burn. Your faithful companion deserves the best, and you can give it to them. So when you give your pooch a smooch, they will give you one back in gratitude. There really isn’t anything better than doggie kisses, anyway.


Bruce Levenson’s Donation to The Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership Continues to Grow

The Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership started at the University of Maryland by gracious donors Bruce and Karen Levenson has quickly becoming one of the most prestigious centers for study of philanthropic studies in the country as mentioned on PR Newswire.

The Center offers students many different programs of study and courses that help them learn how to benefit and enrich non-profit organizations. One course helps students learn how to raise $10,000 in gifts that is then awarded to non-profit organizations so that the degree work also gives back to the community. The gift from the Levensons helped kick start the center three years ago, but this is the first year that an actual dorm was created for freshmen so that they can live and learn on campus.

A new program that just ended saw 12 graduate students travel to India so that they could donate their time to NGO’s that work with youths, the disabled, and wildlife preservation. Additionally, thousands of students from the University of Maryland are expected to take part in the Center’s Do Good Challenge which helps inspires students to make personal social impact. The winners of the challenge will be given $20,000 that can be used to help promote their personal social causes.

Bruce Levenson stated that the Center is focused on offering students the experience and skills that the need to help boost the non-profit sector. He explained that the Center is also integrated into the University so that every student is exposed to philanthropy with the knowledge and inclination to get more involved later in life.

Skout Releases Survey of Global Friendship Trends

Skout is the leading international social meeting site. It is active in at least 180 countries and 14 languages. Skout is a very active service and last year helped its members make more than 500 million connections.

On February 4, PR Newswire reported on a recent survey of more than 52,000 Skout users which revealed some interesting facts about users.

Most people worldwide prefer to discuss their sex lives on line rather than face to face with friends. Germans and Brazilians lead this category at nearly 60% followed by Americans and others at almost 50%.

In the U.S. a majority of women say they have a close on line friend whom they have never met while men trail at 44%. 60% of all U.S. respondents say they are more honest on line than with real life friends.

Close to half of users reported having an on line friend who lives in another country. Among all ages, almost half reported having made a close friend on line.

These are revealing statistics and highlight the importance of on line contact to people today. The ease of making new contacts world wide encourages people to expand their world view and learn about foreign customs.

Read the full press release.